Finding Nemo painted pumpkin

4 brilliant ways to try pumpkin painting this Halloween

If carving isn’t for you, try these fab painted pumpkin ideas instead

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4 brilliant ways to try pumpkin painting this Halloween

When it comes to cool and quirky Halloween decorations, pumpkin carving isn’t the only way to go. Have you ever tried painting your pumpkins instead?

The wacky designs have been trending over in the States and craft lovers in the UK are now embracing the idea too, turning ordinary pumpkins into brilliant DIY decorations.

This year, Asda has had a bumper crop and more than two million pumpkins have already been harvested. The extra-large varieties are named ’Big Doris’ and ‘Gladiator’ and weigh up to 30 kilos- almost six times the average pumpkin size, which are around five kilos each.

Ready to give it a go? We’ve got four easy step-by-step tutorials to help you get started. You’ll need some paints and brushes, a few stick-on adornments and glue, along with a vivid imagination.

PokÉmon Painted Pumpkin

If you've got little ones keen to 'catch 'em all', Pokémon characters are perfect for your painted pumpkin. To make Pikachu you'll need to paint the pumpkin a bright yellow then, using our stencil (which you can download here), mark out the face and paint in the features. Our step-by-step guide also comes with handy print-out templates for the ears. Your Pokémon pumpkin is sure to win any battle...

Pokemon painted pumpkin

Frozen Painted Pumpkin

'Do you want to build a pumpkin?'...If your family are Frozen-mad, this icy blue design inspired by Princess Elsa is ideal. We've opted for a glittery, sparkly design, but you could experiment with a different pattern. Simply pick up some stick-on gems and a princess tiara to top the pumpkin - it will be the coolest pumpkin of them all.

Frozen pumpkin

Finding Nemo Painted Pumpkin

With his bright orange face and body, the star of Finding Nemo makes for the perfect pumpkin painting subject; just add his smiling face, fins and white stripe. Or, if Dory is your little one's favourite character use our same stencil but opt for a dark blue colour with some flashes of yellow. Just make sure you don't let them out of your sight...

Finding Nemo pumpkin

Cookie Monster Painted Pumpkin

We all know a few cookie monsters! This bright blue Sesame Street design is a great one for Halloween, and quick to create too. Paint the whole pumpkin in a cookie monster blue and allow to dry. For best results, we would suggest priming the pumpkin with a layer of white paint first. Then, download our stencil to mark the mouth and then paint it black. Using PVA glue, attach the eyes at jaunty angles. Display the Cookie Monster pumpkin with cookies falling out from his mouth, and then share these as a Halloween treat! If you wanted, you could cut out a hole for the mouth and arrange the cookies so they're spilling out...

Cookie Monster pumpkin

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