Check out Giovanna Fletcher’s brilliant Halloween make-up tutorial

Check out Giovanna Fletcher’s brilliant Halloween make-up tutorial

Getting this year's most hair-raising look is easy! Watch Giovanna transform into a werewolf here...

Get the pumpkins out and stock up on sweets, because Halloween is nearly here! Do you have your fright night costume sorted yet? Don't worry - there's still time to get a killer Halloween look. Good Living columnist, Giovanna Fletcher shows you how in her super easy Halloween make-up tutorial. 

You don't have to be a professional make-up artist to create an amazing Halloween look

Using make-up is a great option for Halloween, as you can create lots of different looks for the whole family with just a few tools. Combine make-up with a spooky costume and some killer accessories, or simply wear the make-up on its own - simple!

In the sweet tutorial below, Giovanna teams up with her good friend Claire to transform herself into this year's most hair-raising Halloween costume - a werewolf! In Asda's brilliant TV advert, it took an incredible four hours to transform the actors into a family of werewolves but don't worry - Giovanna's clever Halloween make-up tutorial only takes a few minutes!

To transform into a werewolf, Claire starts by framing Giovanna's eyes with liquid liner and a smoky black eyeshadow. Don't worry too much about precision, you want it to look smudgy and cool, says Claire!

Claire then applies a coat of mascara to give her lashes lots of extra volume, before adding a bit of matte foundation to Giovanna's face - the perfect base for creating your Halloween look. Keep make-up application nice and tidy with make-up sponges - ideal for correcting any smudges or mistakes.

Using the super handy werewolf pack, Claire adds some spooky contouring to Giovanna's face that will define her cheekbones, plus look like werewolf hair! She then adds extra definition to her eyes with Luscious Collection Cat's Eye Lashes, which Claire suggests you get a friend to help you with application. And don't forget the all-important werewolf eyebrows!   

Giovanna then completes the look with some black lipstick and jet black nail polish - spooky and stylish!

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