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8 ghoulishly-good party games for Halloween

Creep it real this fright night with these fun October 31st party ideas

8 ghoulishly-good party games for Halloween

Keep little monsters and big kids entertained this Halloween with these simple yet spooky party game ideas.

You don't need to come up with an entirely new game for a Halloween party, just give classic games a spooky twist instead, like playing “Witch, Witch, Ghost” instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose” or Hot Pumpkin instead of Hot Potato, or even Pin the Spider on the Web instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Whether you are throwing a party for children or adults (or both), get a few of these fun games going and everyone can join in! You could even have a few small prizes ready as an incentive.

1. Brain digging

Fill a witch's cauldron or skull candy bowl with mystery objects then blindfold guests and get them to guess what’s inside the box. Use cooked spaghetti for brains, peeled grapes for eyeballs, dried apricots for monster ears, popcorn kernels for teeth, and carrot sticks for witches' fingers. Then see if the guests can guess how many of each are in the cauldron...

Alternatively, you can write 'trick' or 'treat' onto ping-pong balls to resemble eyeballs, hide them in a cauldron filled with spaghetti cooked with green or red food colouring, and ask each guest to rummage in the mush to pull out an eyeball. If they choose a ‘trick’ eye, they have to do a forfeit, but if they are lucky enough to pick out a ‘treat’ eye, they get a prize.

2. Pumpkin ring toss

Stock up on some carving pumpkins and place them a few feet away from guests. Then, get them to toss glow stick rings onto the pumpkin stems! It's a lot harder than it sounds...

3. Pin the spider on the web

Draw a spider web on a large sheet of paper, blindfold guests and get them to pin a paper spider onto the centre of the web. You could make your own version, like pin the nose on the witch or pin the tail on the witches' cat.

4. Find the bats

For a simple party game to keep little ones busy, cut several dozen small bats out of black paper and tape them in secret spots throughout the party area. Hide the bats in hard-to-spot locations, such as taped to other black objects or in dark corners. The player who finds the most bats during the party wins a prize!

5. Who am I?

'Who am I?' is always a classic. Nominate a player, then secretly write a classic Halloween character (think witch, elf, gnome, ghost, skeleton, snake...) on a Post-it and stick it to their forehead. Then, the nominated player has 20 questions to guess who they are using only "yes/no" questions.

6. Pop the pumpkin

Fill orange party balloons with confetti and small treats, blow them up and draw Jack O' Lantern faces onto them. Tell guests to pop the balloons with a pin to see if they have popped a treat! Alternatively, insert slips of paper with either ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ written on them and use the same rules for trick or treat as given in the brain digging game above.

7. Dress the mummy

Split party guests into pairs and give each pair a white toilet roll. The object of the game is for one of the pair to turn the other into a mummy by wrapping them entirely in the toilet roll! You can give prizes for the quickest and the best attempt.

8. Spider web

Create a spider web obstacle course by stringing lengths of toilet roll down your hallway for children to climb over and crawl under. If you break a strand, you have to go back to the beginning!

Have our hauntingly good Halloween party game ideas got you feeling inspired? Make sure to head online or pop into your local store for everything you need, from costumes to party food.