Magic your pumpkin into a mummy this Halloween

Carve out some fun this Halloween with our spooky pumpkin. We'll show you how...

Magic your pumpkin into a mummy this Halloween

Wow party guests and trick-or-treaters with our scarily good pumpkin.

Just follow these six simple steps to create the freakiest doorstep decoration in your neighbourhood. Creep it real!

1. Wash the pumpkin in cold water and dry thoroughly. Arrange a rolled-up tea towel in a circle on a clean work surface. Sit the pumpkin on top to keep it in place while you carve.

Hold the pumpkin firmly on its side and, using a very sharp, large knife or serrated bread knife, carefully cut a 2.5cm slice off the bottom.

2. Put the pumpkin top-down on the tea towel and use a dessert spoon or pumpkin carving scoop to loosen the flesh around some of the seeds, pulp and fibres that make up the middle of the pumpkin.

Pull this out using your hands, and discard. Continue until you have hollowed out the pumpkin.

3. Set the pumpkin on its side on the tea towel and carefully cut into horizontal slices, each about 2.5cm thick.

Depending on the size of your pumpkin, you will need between five and seven slices of equal thickness to create the strips of ‘bandage’ that make up the mummy’s face.

4. Stack the slices on top of each other, then take the pumpkin outside or into a well-ventilated place and set it down on sheets of newspaper.

Cover the pumpkin with three or four light layers of matte-white water-based spray paint. Follow the instructions on the can carefully, giving the can a shake if the paint gets lumpy.

5. Once all the sections are dry, stack up again.

Rotate the slices separately in opposite directions to create an uneven look. Once you’re happy with it, mark the back of the slices in numerical order. Put two liquorice allsorts between the second and third slices for eyes, and draw a semicircle above and below each one.

6. Draw the outline of teeth on the second slice up.

Take the pumpkin apart and cut out the teeth and eye sockets with a small knife or carving saw. Using the numbers on the back, reassemble the slices and pop in the ‘eyes’. Put a George Home LED Pillar Candle inside the pumpkin for a ghoulish glow. Bwahahaha!

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