Simple Halloween make-up ideas you can achieve at home

Forget fancy face paints and delve into your make-up bag this Halloween for a range of spooktacular looks

Simple Halloween make-up ideas you can achieve at home

Getting that vampy Halloween look doesn't have to mean splurging on facepaints.

Here's how to get the perfect, haunting Halloween look using make-up bag essentials.

Best for: skeleton eyes

Eyeliner pens are simple to use and dry quickly for a finished look in minutes. Try your hand at drawing and filling in a pair of sunken skeleton eyes or an intricate spider web motif with mini spider using the George Big Flirt Felt Eyeliner in Black.

Best for: zombie eyes

For the simplest look of them all, apply a ghostly pale foundation and create bruised-zombie eyes by circling your peepers in George Blush Queen Blusher in Smoky Rose. Add a few swipes to your jawline and forehead, too.

Best for: Vampire-red lips

From doll-like lips to a clown-red nose, a flash of George Matte Lipstick in Runway can create a range of devilish looks. Smudge some across your mouth, chin and around your eyes to transform yourself into a blood-sucking vampire.

Best for: werewolf brows

For brows that howl, brush George Eye Shadow Cream in Vamp through them in an upwards motion from front to tip. Add a little to frame your eyes, too, for a hair-raising appearance.

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