6 spine-chilling craft ideas to tackle this Halloween

Set the scene for a haunting Halloween with these creepily crafty homemade decorations

6 spine-chilling craft ideas to tackle this Halloween

Getting ready for a Halloween party like no other? 

Deck the halls with the creepiest homemade decorations that will really add some fear factor to your home. 

From hauntingly-good greetings cards to ghost-inspired sweetie boxes for guests to take home – gather some crafting materials, get the kids involved and prepare to scare!


Bat treat boxes

You'll need...

  • Scissors*
  • Kitchen-roll tube
  • Paintbrush
  • Black paint
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Pencil
  • Paper and black/patterned card
  • Sweets
  • Mini craft clothes pegs

1. For the bat bodies, cut the kitchen-roll tube in three. Paint each piece black and leave to dry.

2. When the tubes are dry, carefully press the top of one side inwards with your thumb. It will bend in and curve, making a crescent shape that resembles bat ears. Repeat with the other side so they overlap and close up the end.

3. Glue googly eyes to one side of the bat body.

4. To make the bat wings, use a pencil to draw a single bat wing on a piece of paper, then cut out. Fold a piece of black or patterned card in half. Put the bat wing stencil on the card and draw round it, lining the edge up with the fold in the card. Repeat for all the other bat bodies. Cut out, then unfold to form a pair of bat wings.

5. Stick the wings to the back of each bat body with a little glue.

6. Fill the bat bodies with sweets and clip the ends closed with mini clothes pegs. The pegs can also be used to attach the bats to a piece of string or a Halloween tree.

Dancing skeleton cards

For each card, you'll need...

  • 1 A4 sheet black card
  • 3 paper straws
  • Scissors*
  • Glue
  • White paint
  • Black and metallic Sharpie pens

1. Fold the sheet of black card in half. To make the legs, take a straw and cut it into five pieces (2 x 5cm lengths for the calves and feet and 2 x 3cm lengths for the thighs; the remaining piece will create the hips). For the arms, take another straw and cut that into five pieces (2 x 4cm lengths for the forearms and hands and 2 x 3cm lengths for the upper arms; the remaining piece will create the shoulders). Cut the remaining straw into 4 pieces (1 x 6cm length for the backbone, then 1 x 2cm, 1 x 2.5cm and 1 x 3cm lengths for the ribs). Remember to keep the different parts separate.

2. Pinch the two calf pieces about 1cm from one end so that they bend; this makes the feet.

3. Repeat with the forearm pieces to create the hands. Pinch the ribs and hips in the middle to flatten them.

4. Arrange the pieces on the card in the shape of a dancing skeleton.

5. Once you’re happy with the shape, glue in place.

6. For the head, dab your thumb into the white paint and press it onto the card.

7. Repeat until you’ve built up a skull shape, then leave it to dry. Use the black Sharpie to draw on teeth, eye sockets and a nose, and the metallic pen to add stars or a personal Halloween greeting.

Ghostly garland

You'll need...

  • Piece of card, about 15cm x 10cm
  • Ball white wool
  • Scissors*
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Darning needle (optional)
  • String to hang up the ghosts

1. To make a ghost, wind the wool around the short side of the card 70 times. Don’t pull the wool too tight or the card will bend.

2. Cut 2 x 25cm lengths of wool from the ball. Slip one piece under the strands of wool on one side of the card and tie a tight double knot in the centre. Slip the bundle of wool off the card.

3. Holding the wool ties at the top, gather the entire bundle together. Take the second 25cm length and wrap it around the bundle, about 2cm down. Wind it around a few times and tie in a double knot to form the head and neck.

4. Cut through the bottom of the bundle, at the opposite end to the head, to release the wool strands.

5. Glue googly eyes on the ghost’s head. Repeat steps 1-5 to make more ghosts.

6. For the garland, thread the needle with the string. Pass it through the ghosts’ bodies and heads, one after the other – space them out along the string (below). Or tie them onto the string.

Monster eyes

For a pair of eyes, you'll need...

  • Green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 2 paper plates
  • Pencil
  • Small bowl
  • Black card
  • Scissors*
  • Glue
  • White card
  • Red Sharpie pen
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • Sticky tape

1. Paint a green circle onto each plate. If they have an indented circular edge, use as a guide. Allow to dry.

2. Meanwhile, draw around a small bowl onto the black card and cut out two pupils for the eyes. Glue these onto the green circles.

3. Cut two small triangles from the white card and glue them onto the pupil and green iris as highlights.

4. Use the red pen to draw bloodshot veins on the whites of the eyeballs.

5. Cut each pipe cleaner into three lengths. Wrap each one around a pencil to make a spiral.

6. Tape six pipe-cleaner spirals to the back of each eyeball for eyelashes.

Ghoul lanterns

For each ghoul, you'll need...

  • Scissors*
  • 1 empty, clean plastic milk container
  • Black Sharpie pen
  • Coloured tissue or crepe paper
  • 1 LED tea light, or battery-operated fairy lights

1. Cut the bottom off the milk container (a grown-up should do this bit).

2. Draw two eye sockets onto the bottle on either side of the handle and colour them in with the black pen. To make the eyes dark, go over them with the pen a few times.

3. Draw on a mouth and colour in as before.

4. To make the hair, cut a rectangle of the tissue or crepe paper about 20cm x 15cm. Cut slits about 10cm deep along the long side, roughly 1cm apart. Roll the rectangle up and twist the bottom so it stays rolled. Push it into the top of the milk container.

5. Turn on the LED tea light and position the lantern on top. If you use a large milk container, you may need to use a string of battery-operated fairy lights instead of a single LED tea light.

Pumpkin bunting

You'll need...

  • Knife
  • 1 apple
  • Paintbrush
  • Orange paint
  • White card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors*
  • Green paper
  • Brown and black Sharpie pens
  • Glue
  • Darning needle
  • String

1. To make a pumpkin stamp, cut the apple in half and paint the cut side with the orange paint.

2. Press the apple half onto the white card, paint-side down. Lift and repeat; you will probably need to repaint the apple half every second or third print. Leave to dry.

3. Meanwhile, draw some pumpkin leaves with a pencil and cut out. Pinch slightly along the middle to give them some shape.

4. When the pumpkin shapes are dry, draw a brown stalk and black eyes and a mouth onto each one with the pens.

5. Carefully cut out the pumpkin shapes and glue a leaf to some of them

6. Thread the needle with the string and sew through the top of each pumpkin to create a garland, spacing them evenly. These pumpkin shapes also look great stuck onto cards – or use them to decorate a Halloween table.

Want to make some spooky crafts this scary season? Find everything you need online or pop into your local store.

*Children should be supervised by an adult when using sharp tools or components.