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Promised to be more healthy in 2016? Then you’ll want to try this year’s new fitness trends…

If you’ve made a healthy new year’s resolution, try these fitness trends that'll inspire you to take up exercise – and stick to it – in 2016

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Promised to be more healthy in 2016? Then you’ll want to try this year’s new fitness trends…

If you’ve planned to make 2016 the year you get fit, lose weight or just lead a healthier lifestyle by doing a bit more exercise, you’re in luck because there’s a load of new fitness trends and classes to help you do it.

From fun new gym classes to nifty apps that’ll keep you motivated, here are the newest fitness trends to try your hand at next

Every year the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) publishes the respected Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, which predicts (pretty accurately) what’s set to be popular in the world of exercise for the months ahead.

So from fun new gym classes to nifty apps that’ll keep you motivated, here are the newest fitness trends to try your hand at next...


The cheapest (and possibly the simplest) way to workout, bodyweight exercises swap dumbbells and kettlebells for your own body mass instead. Think exercises like burpees, push-ups, dips and squat jumps where the only resistance is you.


Very different to bodybuilding, the popularity of strength training has surged due to a better understanding of its incredible benefits for the body. No matter what your age, using weights during exercise (be they light dumbbells, kettlebells or a bar) can help to improve the health of your joints, bones and more.


HIIT classes cropped up at gyms around the country last year and look set to become even more popular in 2016. So what’s it all about? High-Intensity Interval Training is basically just short bursts of intense exercise followed by a short break, before you do it all again. Classes tend to be quick (around 30 minutes) but you’ll certainly work up a sweat while burning serious calories.


Hiring a personal trainer can feel extravagant, but increasing numbers of people are reaping the benefits of having an expert on hand to tailor exercise plans just for you and – more importantly – check that you’re doing them properly. If you’re a nervous gym goer or fitness beginner then a few sessions with a PT, be it one-to-one or with a small group of friends, can boost your confidence no-end.


Similar to HIIT but a little less intense, circuit training sees participants complete a series of exercises in a group class, with each person working their way around a circuit laid out by a fitness instructor or trainer. Great for beginners, you can start slow with circuits and watch your progress climb each session.


Yoga classes are evolving all the time, so expect a new wave of classes to sweep fitness studios this year, incorporating different kinds of movement and yoga styles. Classes that blend traditional poses with pilates and even Tai Chi are set to take hold, which feature more dynamic stretching and muscle toning.


Can’t make it to a class? No budget for a personal trainer? Not a problem with the new wave of fitness apps that bring exercise to you, wherever you are. Download one to your phone or tablet and stream quick exercise classes directly into your home, or take them with you on the go.


Whether it’s a dedicated fitness tracker or an app built into your smart phone, technology that monitors your fitness levels, heart rate, your number of steps or distance travelled each day (during a run for example) are set to be even more popular over the next year. Use them to take control of your own health and to keep an eye on how active you really are.


While the ACSM survey revealed that boot camp attendance is on a downward spiral, outdoor exercise in general certainly isn’t. From hiking and mountain climbing to outdoor fitness classes, getting a breath of fresh air while working up a sweat looks set to be even more popular this year. It’s also shown to be a great stress buster!


If you’re a fan of Zumba, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to new fitness classes. From club inspired dance workouts (complete with glow sticks at some gyms) to routines that take from all genres of dance, these high-tempo fitness classes are set to grow and grow.

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