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7 simple health hacks that really work

Try these easy-to-implement life hacks to help you feel healthier every day.

7 simple health hacks that really work

Between juggling work, the kids and goodness knows what else, adding ‘be healthy’ and ‘get fit’ to your to-do list can seem a tad ambitious. Who really has the time to do everything?

These quick tricks will help to boost your health and fitness in no time

But that’s where these brilliant life hacks come in. Incredibly simple and easy to slot into your daily routine, these quick tricks will boost your health and fitness in no time.

Up your water intake

Not only will drinking more water help to improve digestion, reduce bloating, stave off headaches and generally ensure that your body is running as it should; it’s the quickest way to cut calories. Swapping sweetened juices, fizzy drinks and even hot cuppas with added sugar for plain water will help you slash your sugar and calorie intake dramatically. If you need something with more taste add a slice of lemon, cucumber or some mint leaves.

Move around more

If your job has you sitting down for most of the day, try to take a quick lap of the floor every hour or so - even if it’s just as far as the bathroom or coffee station. Research has shown that prolonged periods of sitting can contribute to poor posture (hello back ache) and even joint and muscle pain. Standing and walking around more will boost your blood circulation, reduce stress and give your body a chance to stretch.

Eat an apple a day

Apples, kiwi fruit, watermelons, goji berries and blueberries are all superfoods, meaning that they’re among the most nutrient-rich foods on the healthy eating scale. Snacking on at least one a day will feed your body with hard-working vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Get more sleep

Experts agree that shuteye is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep impacts everything from your energy levels and resilience against bugs and illness, to your stress levels, the health of vital organs like your heart, and even weight gain. Get a few early nights in and you’ll be healthier all round!

Plan your meals

Committing to a weekly meal planner will make whipping up a healthy dinner every day far easier. Not only will you know what ingredients you need beforehand, but there’ll be less temptation to order a takeaway out of indecision. If you have the time, you can even batch cook healthy recipes on the weekend and freeze them for speedy meals.

Take the stairs

It’s an oldie but still true, simple changes like taking the stairs rather than the lift and walking (at least part of the way) rather than catching the bus or driving can improve your fitness quickly. The NHS advises adults to do 150 minutes of physical activity per week, or just 30 minutes five days of the week. Popping your trainers on for a brisk walk or a jog will do it!

Make delicious smoothies

Freshly made smoothies and juices are a super easy way of getting more nutrients and healthy foods into your daily diet. From healthy green smoothies using raw vegetables and low-sugar fruits to a glass of juice containing nothing but purely squeezed, it’s well worth learning how to make a few healthy smoothies that can be sipped on for breakfast or as a filling replacement for snacks.

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