Santa Forgot

Alzheimer’s Research UK release the most meaningful Christmas advert yet

It’s also the most heart-breaking…

Alzheimer’s Research UK release the most meaningful Christmas advert yet

Have you ever thought what would happen if Santa… forgot? What if he forgot the names, the addresses, the presents, and everything else? What if he even forgot what day it was?

This is the question Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) poses in their powerful appeal this Christmas to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Captured in a short animation called 'Santa Forgot', Alzheimer’s Research UK tells the story of a world where Christmas has been lost because Santa himself is living with the effects of dementia and no longer visits children across the world on Christmas Eve. 

In the story, a little girl called Freya finds an old Santa doll and asks her father who Santa is. Her father then tells the story about how Santa used to deliver presents, but that as Santa got older he became more forgetful until he stopped coming altogether.

Freya then goes on a brave mission to the North Pole to find Santa. She finds his redundant elves and together they try to understand more about his illness, because "if Santa has a disease, research can find a way to fix it," she says.

The thought provoking two-minute animation ends with young Freya visiting an isolated, and sad Santa, before offering him a comforting arm and whispering, “I believe in you.”

The inspiring campaign sends a powerful message about the importance of research in the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia, and for Stephen Fry, who narrates the advert, the moving story is one of the most meaningful this Christmas.

"I urge people up and down the country to get behind the campaign so we can fuel the fight against dementia and take a step forward to making it history", Stephen Fry said in a statement.

With more than 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia, and it being the leading cause of death amongst women in the UK, the emotional advert will touch the hearts of thousands of people around the country. Take a look at the video...