Take a break! De-stress with the best colouring books for adults

Think you’ve graduated from your colouring-in days? These fun and therapeutic colouring books will take you straight back to your childhood!

Take a break! De-stress with the best colouring books for adults

You may have noticed men and women in cafés, at the airport and even on the bus to work with a pack of pencils, transfixed on filling in each shape on a beautifully patterned page of a book.

Colouring-in can be helpful if you're preoccupied or worried

These aren’t the colouring books you adored as a child, nor are they the kind that your kids are scribbling all over! Mindfulness colouring books have been specially designed for adults.

The black and white designs show frame-worthy abstract patterns, bird’s eye views of fantastical cities and even hunky heartthrobs – we don’t know how but actor Eddie Redmayne can still make us swoon even as an illustration!

The new trend has really taken hold and it isn’t just a fun hobby to escape our busy lives says Hephzibah Kaplan, director of London Art Therapy Centre, it’s also a great way for busy people to de-stress.

‘When you are colouring-in you are focused on colours, lines and shapes and you may find yourself lost in thought or deeply focused on what you are doing,’ she explains.

‘This can be helpful especially if you're preoccupied or worried about things, as you may find resting your mind will allow your thoughts to settle, too,’ adds Hephzibah.

Turns out not all distractions are bad after all! Want to be a part of this soothing and meditative movement?

Keep calm with our colouring books picks:

The Time Garden: A magical journey and colouring book, £5
The story of a little girl who follows a fairy through a cuckoo clock is told through beautiful illustrations, but you have to sprinkle your fairydust colouring to make the tale come to life. It’s perfect to zone out with - and admire as a coffee table book when you’re done!

The Mindfulness Colouring Book: The anti-stress art therapy book for busy people, £5
This compact book is the perfect tool to calm your mind when you’re on the go. Filled with small and large abstract shapes and patterns, even the kids can join in - if you let them...

The Magical City, £6
Award-winning illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen has used her talent to draw pages of warped buildings and snaking streets. In this book you’ll come across towns, landmarks and streets from across the globe including the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, Portobello Road Market and more.

The Flowers & Nature Adult Colouring Book, £5
Gardening buffs will be pleased to hear that when outdoor plants are dormant in the winter months, they can still have cheerful blooms in their lives. We can sense some tense shoulders loosening already!