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10 great reasons to give Dry January a go this year

It’s that time again! Everyone’s giving up alcohol for Dry January - here’s why you should try a month without booze too.

By Amy Lewis, 14 December 2015
10 great reasons to give Dry January a go this year

After the boozy excess of Christmas and New Year, people all over the country are giving up alcohol for Dry January.

From saving money to more energy and better sleep: a few fantastic reasons to give your body a break from the booze this month

As well as helping to raise money and awareness for the charity Alcohol Concern, here are a few other fantastic reasons to give your body a break from the booze.

You’ll get your energy back

Dry January is helpful if you’re planning on committing to doing more exercise this year, as ditching alcohol will help boost your body’s natural energy reserves and bring back your get-up-and-go.

Your wallet will thank you

A bottle of wine in the house, a few drinks on a night out - it all adds up and you’ll be surprised at how much extra cash you’ll save by giving Dry January a go.

You might even lose weight

There are plenty of calories hiding in wine, beer, mixers and fruity alcoholic drinks. Giving up drinking for a few weeks while you get to grips with a healthy eating regime will do wonders for your waistline.

You’ll sleep better

Many of us like to enjoy a small tipple before bed, thinking it’ll help us to drop off. The opposite is actually true however, especially on a regular basis. Cut the booze and you’ll sleep far better.

You can take stock of your drinking

Lots of us drink a bit more than we realise. By sticking to Dry January for the whole month you’ll most likely end up drinking far less when you’ve finished the challenge. No alcohol is good for your health and your bank balance!

You’ll probably do more

If social outings aren’t focused around a watering hole, you’re likely to end up doing far more interesting things: going to the cinema to see a new film, enjoying food at new restaurants, watching a comedy gig, having tea parties, mocktail nights or other ‘dry’ gatherings where you can have a proper catch-up with friends. Start making plans now!

Your skin will love it

Alcohol plays a serious role in dehydrating and ageing your skin. A week into Dry January, you’ll be surprised at how clear and radiant your complexion is looking. Farewell, dark circles and dull skin!

You can enjoy a longer weekend

If Saturday or Sunday mornings normally see you feeling a little worse for wear after the night before, start a new early morning hobby while you’re feeling clear-headed. Take a long morning walk, join an early-doors fitness class or take a trip to a farmers’ market. You’ll have way more weekend to play with in Dry January.

You’ll get to see how awesome you really are

Most of us drink when we socialise simply out of habit, or because it seems like a nice idea to share a bottle of wine. But without booze you’ll get to see how brilliant you really are and how much fun you can have with your friends, without a tipple to kick things off.

Feel chuffed about your good deed

If you’re raising money for Alcohol Concern while taking part in Dry January (statistics show that those who do fundraise tend to stick to the plan longer), sit back and feel proud when you’re done. Alcohol Concern uses donations to help protect families and individuals from alcohol problems. And with reports estimating that around 93,500 babies in the UK are currently living with a problem drinker, there’s never been a more important time to help out.

For more information about signing up for Dry January or Alcohol Concern, visit