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How to get in shape without even trying

From zero calorie foods to the food swaps no one will be able to spot

How to get in shape without even trying

It's the one thing that's always on our minds at this time of year: How to lose weight without trying. Yes, it might sound like an impossible dream but the words 'easy' and 'weight loss' can go in the same sentence.

Rather than slogging it out every day in the gym and depriving yourself of your favourite treats, follow these food charts. Each one features easy weight loss tips that you'll find are effortless to stick to and, best of all, you won't even notice you've made any changes to your diet. Everything you need for easy weight loss is here, from the best low calorie foods to curb cravings to easy food swaps that mean you can still eat your favourite meals, without the guilt...

The zero calorie foods you can't over indulge in

Eat as much of these as you can, because they are so low in calories that eating them alone burns more calories than they contain. Hurrah!

Food swaps to half the calories in your favourite meals

Will you (or the kids) even notice if you cook with coconut oil instead of butter? Or the cereal's drowned in almond milk instead of cow's milk? Probably not.

To supercharge your morning smoothie

No need to buy expensive and frankly frightening looking protein powder, make your morning smoothie with a dose of one of these!

Treat mind body and soul

Use herbs and spices to help treat minor health problems, build your immune system and add flavour without fat to meals.

Curb cravings the healthy way

Giving interesting alternatives to fight off unhealthy cravings in the fight against refined sugar and white bread… at last we know what to do with Spirulina!  

A little perspective

Apparently we may soon see exercise-equivalent labels on our food… in the meantime, this chart can help us understand what we need to do to earn a margarita once in a while.

Eat to relax

Yes, you heard us, from weight loss to supporting your immune system and even helping to keep you calm, these are the foods that will help you to stay on top of the daily grind.

Don’t get caught short soaking and sprouting

We’re forever being told to eat more nuts and pulses as part of a healthy diet, but then you get to dinner time and realize the whole lot were supposed to have soaked for a day and a half ruining plans.  Just take a peak at this chart before you leave the house for work and you won’t get caught short.

Perfect salads

Creating a salad that doesn’t make you want to cry with boredom isn’t always easy so giving a quick guide to creating a nutrient rich, taste bud friendly lunchtime salad.

Understand nuts

Nuts as part of a healthy diet are what we’re told before it’s mentioned that they’re super high in fats.  So how many can we have and of what to stay the right side of healthy and more importantly, why are they so good for us?

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