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Emily Atack shares her top 5 things that always make her smile

"A healthier lifestyle is helping with my anxiety"

Emily Atack shares her top 5 things that always make her smile

Actress and I’m A Celebrity… star Emily Atack, 30, lives in north London. Here she chats mental health, the power of good humour and why family matters most...

Who makes you laugh?

My family and friends. I’ve known some of my buddies for 25 years and they make me chuckle every day. We have WhatsApp groups and send each other the most stupid stuff!

You’ve spoken honestly about battling depression. How do you help maintain your mental health?

I try to make more mindful decisions, so now I exercise more and drink less. I’d already made changes before Covid-19. For instance, instead of staying out late on a Sunday with another bottle of wine, I’d head home, watch a film and go to bed early.

How have you coped during lockdown?

I got into a good routine with regular exercise in my garden. I love being in the kitchen, so doing more cooking helped to keep me in check. I stocked up on fresh veg and blitzed lots of soup to make sure I was eating well. When it was announced we were allowed to see friends and family, it was a big relief. Being with my favourite people keeps me going.

You’re planning to tour the UK with your comedy show. Did Covid-19 affect this?

Yes! But hopefully the tour will come at a good time. We all need something to look forward to...

Who gives you the best advice?

My sister Martha, 28, who is also my agent. Her advice is hourly!

You faced challenges on I’m A Celebrity… in 2018. What scares you now?

Like many of us, I worry about my family staying well and healthy. During the day, I’m pretty carefree, but at night I can feel more anxious. My healthier lifestyle is helping, though.

The most valuable life lesson from your mum?

Be kind and be on time.

Emily's 5 things that always raise a smile

1. Togetherness

I’m at my happiest in my family’s kitchen, dancing to George Michael and drinking Champagne.

2. London

I’m a city girl. I still love to walk around pretending I’m in Sex And The City.

3. @TinyKitchen

This has a miniscule model kitchen with normal-sized hands cooking real food, using pans the size of your fingernail. It’s so cute!

4. Music

I Wanna Be The Only One by Eternal, or any Stevie Wonder song. I’m very musical and I love to sing, too – it makes me happy.

5. Mallorca, Spain

I’ve been visiting sinceIwas eight years old. It’s full of history, sunshine and happy memories


Emily’s stand-up tour, Emily Atack Has Left The Group, in association with Live Nation, has new dates for 2021 to be announced soon.