8 baby essentials every first time mum needs

According to blogger Jaime Oliver

8 baby essentials every first time mum needs

Cute baby pics on your social media feed doesn’t always mean motherhood’s a breeze, says blogger of The Oliver's Mad House and mum-of-three Jaime Oliver. 

 'After nine months of planning and then bringing a new life into the world, you’d have thought you’d be prepared for having a baby. But nothing can ever prepare you for what lies ahead,' says Jaime.

 However, there are some tip top products which can help you on your way and make sure you're well armed to face any kind of baby situation. Here's Jaime's ultimate survival kit for new parents...


1. Bio oil to moisturise

Moisturising your body should already be part of your daily routine. And even more so when you're pregnant as your body is constantly growing and adjusting to your unborn child. Jaime said: "Moisturise your bump with this soothing oil of lavender, rosemary, and chamomile."

2. A moses basket will be your best friend

Perfect for bringing downstairs, taking to family and friends or just putting in their nursery, a Moses basket is a definite must-have for any new parent. Jaime says, "An adjustable hood helps with peaceful sleep (fingers crossed!)"

3. Dummies to use from day one 

If you're looking for a soother to use from day one, look no further than the Newborn Little Angels Soothers, which are perfect for babies up to three months. There are three simple shapes available that make it easy for your baby to latch on to. And for babies aged six-twelve months, try our Day and Night soothers where the night dummy glows in the dark, making those endless searches in the pitch black a thing of the past!

4. Wipes for every occasion

What you will need more than anything else is baby wipes. "It only took a full-on poo-nami to the face from Joshua, now five, for me to understand the value of these," says Jaime. "The good news is that decent wipes clean walls, floors and faces with ease. What they can’t do is stop is your husband laughing hysterically at your misfortune." 

5. Nappies, nappies, nappies

You can never have enough clean nappies stockpiled in the house, your bag or car. Jaime says, "Stock up on nappies – you’re gonna need them!" Wrap your baby in silky softness with these Pampers Premium Protection New Baby

6. Stockpile the Talcum powder

"This Little Angels Liquid Talc leaves skin soft after a bath and helps prevent chapping," says Jaime.


7. Invest in a Breast pump

"These have an ability of catching you out," Jaime said. "From the window cleaner seeing your milking stations during Corrie, to being on the phone when the suction fails and makes a rude noise." But despite all this, with a breast pump, like Tommee Tippee pump, you can easily express milk so your baby can feed even when you're not there. 

8. invest in a car seat to make life easy 

A good ‘debate’ over how the baby seat fits safely into the car is always fun. Jaime says: "You’ll find yourself wishing you had a degree in engineering, or could at least recall how the previous two car seats fitted." This Harmony Baby Car Seat is suitable from birth to 4.5 years, which means there's no need to buy multiple seats, and has an adjustable harness, washable covers and foam padding. 

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