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Look and Feel Great with These Health and Fitness Apps

Stay fit and motivated with these handy training tips.

Look and Feel Great with These Health and Fitness Apps

We all know how difficult it is to fit exercise into your busy routine, but regular sessions can make all the difference to your health – and your state mind.

All you have to do is download and go!

Reach your health and fitness goals, keep fit and feel fab with these apps for your tablet and smartphone.

Whether you want to work on total body toning, weight loss or distance running, we have it covered. All you have to do is download and go!

1. Best for Total Body Toning: Nike+ Training Club

Perfect for those who get bored easily, this app has 100 workouts ranging from 15-minute, muscle-targeted toners to hour-long, high intensity training sessions to push you hard. The more you sweat it, the more exclusive workouts from superstar athletes like Maria Sharapova you unlock. How’s that for fitness inspiration? 

2. Best for Beating the Bulge: Carrot Fit

No need to spend your money on pricey personal trainers, Carrot is here to whip you into shape at only a fraction of the price. She brings the tough love of a military sergeant and she will inspire, harass and bribe you until you shed those excess pounds. And when you do, there’ll be more 7-minute workouts to access – don’t think you’ll get off that easily!

3. Best for Going the Distance: RunKeeper

Whether it takes a two-minute run for the bus or a multiple laps around the local park to get you puffing, RunKeeper is a great app to manage progress. We love that its GPS tracking system taps into our past routes, the pace we ran and the distance we covered, to suggest coaching plans so that in future we can effortlessly leap over those hurdles.

4. Best for the Holistic Approach: MyFitnessPal

Exercise isn’t everything: after all, you are what you eat. This app converts your daily exercise, food and drink intake into calories so you can better track the number of calories you’ve eaten and burned. It also scans the barcode of more than 4 million foods around the world, so there’s no excuse for sneaking in that chocolate bar. Oh the guilt!

5. Best for the Gentle Stretch: Yoga Studio 

Whether you prefer your yoga session first thing in the morning or post-work to unwind after a long day at your desk, Yoga Studio is a fuss-free way to relax. iOS users can choose from more than 24-hours worth of ready-made classes or create bespoke routines from over 280 poses. Namaste.

6. Best for the Water Workout: Speedo Fit 

Swimming can quickly get boring and it becomes easy to skip your dip altogether. This app on iTunes has weekly swimming plans to help smash your personal best with each lap and improve your stroke technique, so you’ll be excited to take a plunge. The best part? The pool finder and timetable checker is a massive help when you force – we mean encourage – your friends to join you.

7. Best for Getting Rock Hard Abs: Runtastic Six Pack 

Ok so we can’t actually promise you a six-pack, but a strong core has never been more reachable thanks to this app. Choose either Angie or Daniel to be your avatar trainer then start your 10-week workout plan, complete with slo-mo close-ups to prevent unwanted injuries. Want a fast track option? Try the additional 50 mid-section defining exercises.

8. Best for Busy Bike Riders: Charity Miles

Would you love to find more time in your busy schedule to give back to the community? American app, Charity Miles, lets you do that while you go about your day – running, walking or riding – tracking your distance covered and donating up to 17 pence per mile, to the cause that means the most to you.

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