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Refresh your workout: 9 fitness gurus you should be following in 2017

Because you don't need a gym to get in shape

By Rebecca Shepherd, 06 January 2017
Refresh your workout: 9 fitness gurus you should be following in 2017

It’s the start of the New Year and we all know what that means – it’s time to don your sports bra, put on your lycra leggings and get fit!

From glutes to guns, these fitness fanatics have exercises which cover all bases

As sad as we are that the party season is now behind us (sob!), January is always a great time to look towards the future, create some goals for yourself and get your fitness levels back on track. And if you think you need to be a gym bunny, have your own personal trainer or exercise seven times a week to smash your fitness targets, you’re wrong!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best fitness Instagram accounts which are sure to give you the motivation you need to get up off the sofa and get exercising.

From glute workouts to abdominal crunches, these fitness fanatics have exercises which cover all bases.

Happy exercising! 

1. The food medic

Hazel Wallace - a junior doctor, a personal trainer and one fit woman! Scroll through her Instagram to see picture after picture of food, workouts and inspiring selfies. 


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2. Dovies Workout 

If it's quick and full body exercises you want, then try completing this set of 10 different workouts in 60 - 90 seconds. 


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3. Carly Rowena

For people who have just joined a gym but have no idea what to do, then Carly is the woman to follow. Her Youtube videos take you through gym-based workouts so you'll look like an expert in the weights section. Check out her Hiit for beginners videos below.

4. Jeanette Jenkins 

Working out is hard enough so why not make things easy for yourself by imagining you're exercising on a beautiful bright sandy beach? With Jeanette's videos you can practise your lunges, side squats and dead lifts whilst dreaming of your summer holiday!

5. Ekhart yoga

Esther Ekhart's yoga channel on Youtube is perfect for beginners wanting to get into yoga without having to fork out ridiculous amounts of money for classes. New videos go out every Monday and Thursday so you know you can do a couple of sessions a week...


6. Joe Wicks

Everyone's favourite Lean in 15 fitness guru, Joe Wicks, is showing no signs of slowing down on his quest to helping the world get 'fitter, healthier and leaner'. On his Instagram channel, you'll find him talking about his love for Lucy Bee coconut oil, mashing up avocados or throwing midget trees (broccoli) into his stir fries. 

7. Kayla fitness

Just one flick through Kayla's inspiring account is enough to make you want to whip out your trainers, put on your sports top and get crunching!

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Get up close and personal (from the comfort of your own home) with the woman behind Gwyneth Paltrow's workout routine. 

9.  Michelle Heaton

The busy mum, singer and TV star - who recently shared with us her top tips for getting active and looking amazing at the same time - is one to watch this year. On her Instagram there are regular fitness updates, exercises to do at home and updates about her life. Meaning you can scroll, exercise and be entertained at the same time!


Up & over & back #shoulders #weights

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