5 ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine

Brilliant tips to help you sneak a work out into your day

5 ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine

We all know that getting your five-a-day and staying active is the key to a healthy lifestyle. But what to do when you simply don't have the time to hit the gym or go to a yoga class? Or perhaps you do have a spare thirty minutes but lack the motivation or gear to get going.

We've rounded up some brilliant fitness tips that will make it easier to tone up, slim down and get your heart racing

Don't fret! We've rounded up some brilliant fitness tips that will make it easier to tone up, slim down and get your heart racing. These ideas may sound simple but that's the beauty of them – you'll be able to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle, without having to make any drastic changes. 

Sneak a work out into your routine with these five fitness tips. 

1. Use your commute

Take a leaf out of Olympic champions the Brownlee Brothers book and make your commute work for you! 

"If you can, [try] to somehow combine exercise with your commute. So, running to work or cycling to work – it's an absolutely brilliant way to do it!" says Alistair.

Jonny agrees, and reveals that the boys used to cycle to school as kids. "From the age of probably 12 to 18, we used to ride along the canal tow path and it took about 50 minutes to get to school. It was a way to get our exercise in but also to save time!"

Whether it's getting off one stop early and walking to work, cycling to town or even running home, using your commute to fit a bit of exercise in every day is a brilliant tip. We can't promise that you'll win any Olympic medals for it, but it's great advice for staying fit! 

2. Work out as you clean

There's no need to hit the gym to get a decent work out – from hoovering to laundry, it turns out that those boring household chores can help you burn serious calories and even work out different muscle groups. Not to mention keep your home nice and tidy while you're at it. 

From toning your arms to strengthening your core, find out which household chores burn the most calories here. Hey, there's a reason why they call it housework...  


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3. Get a set of dumbbells

Turn your living room into a home gym with a set of dumbbells. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, with some targeted exercises, you can work out key muscle groups and get fit.

Better yet, why not do a few exercises while you're watching telly? Simply do one of these 5 dumbbell exercises every time an advert break comes on. You'll be seeing more toned muscles and a leaner physique in no time! 

One day you might be able to do this...


4. Exercise with a group

Make working out a social affair and you'll be surprised by how much easier it is to fit into your schedule.

Whether you meet up with neighbours to go for a brisk walk around the park or make a date with your bestie for a natter and an at-home yoga session, working out with others is a great way to get motivated while spending quality time with loved ones. Or why not make it a family affair? Go for a walk with the kids before dinner, or play a family game of footie in the park on the weekend. The more the merrier! 


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5. Fitness gear

If lack of motivation is the problem, then maybe some nifty work out kit is the solution. 

Whether it's an awesome set of headphones so that you can listen to your favourite tunes while you run or wearable tech that will allow you to monitor your progress, some clever gadgets can go a long way in boosting your confidence and drive. Get inspired with our fitness wear that will make you want to workout.


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