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10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Becoming A Parent

Like how any moment alone will feel like a mini-holiday!

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Becoming A Parent
Having a baby changes your whole world in the most wonderful way. It's a love like no other and few things will fill you with more joy than hugging your tiny tot or hearing them say their first words. But that doesn't mean that childrearing isn't without its challenges! New parents are basically like superheros as they learn to multi-task, be responsible for another human being and survive on little or no sleep.

You can read every parenting book there is and still learn something new every day with your little one. Here are some hilarious truths that new parents will recognise!

1. Every trip out of the house will look like you're leaving for the airport

Nappies? Check. Extra set of clothing? Check. Stroller? Check. The 50 other items that your baby may or may not need? Check.

2. You will become fluent in baby language

Well, YOUR baby's language that is. Other people may hear gobbledygook but you know that's just your little one's way of saying that they're hungry.

3. Say goodbye to a clean house

So you knew that having a baby around would mean that things like doing laundry and mopping the floors would slip down the priority list. But how is it possible that every time you turn your back, it's like a toy-and-nappy-filled tornado has ripped through your living room?

4. You will become a master of one-handed eating

Not only that, but you'll be able to eat an entire meal in 30 seconds flat!

5. Few things embarrass you anymore

Making silly faces in public? Easy. Wiping poo off your face? Not exactly pleasant but you've got bigger things to worry about. Once you become a mum, you'll do everything and anything to keep your baby happy and healthy.

6. A solo trip to the supermarket will feel like a holiday

Anytime you get a moment to yourself is pure bliss. Even a trip to the dentist doesn't seem so bad if it means an hour to yourself!

7. Everything will seem dangerous

The world has always seemed a little scary but after having a baby, you'll realise that it's actually just one, big death trap. You aren't even in safe in your home. Kitchen knives and the toaster are obvious threats, but even harmless objects like pencils and dust will suddenly seem hazardous. That is, until you relax and realise you can't actually wrap your child in cotton wool.

8.  Your pet will be demoted

Sorry Buster! Your furry baby might not be the top priority anymore but on the bright side in two years or so, your loveable pup will have a new best friend to play with.

9. Your attitude towards other parents changes

Years ago you would have been the first one to shoot an evil glare at the family bringing their crying baby on the plane. Now? A sympathetic glance and a shrug is about all you can muster – you're too busy tending to your own crying child.

10. You will let go of being perfect

All those plans you made while pregnant about how you were going to feed your child homemade organic baby food and sing them to sleep every night? Out the window. Instead of focusing on being the perfect mum, your focus will be making it through the day in one piece. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

What did you find surprising when you became a new parent? Let us know by using #goodliving on social media!

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