Simple tips to encourage your kids to wear their glasses

Like pointing out other cool kids that wear glasses! Hey, if it's good enough for Harry Potter...

Simple tips to encourage your kids to wear their glasses

A lot has changed from back when you were in school – your little ones probably have more technology and better packed lunches, that's for sure! But some things never change, and kids today have the same worries about standing out and being picked on as you did. When it comes to getting glasses for children, it can feel like an uphill struggle. You want your little one to be happy and confident in school, but know that they need to wear their glasses in order to succeed. Parents might worry about their child getting teased or feeling insecure, however every parent wants to help their child learn to the best of their ability. That's why we've come up with five simple tips for getting glasses for children and making sure that they actually wear them. From making specs cool to explaining why your child needs to wear them, these five tips will help encourage your little one to wear their glasses. 

1. Highlight famous people who look great in glasses

Identify some of your child's role models that wear glasses, and talk about how great they look and how good they are at their jobs or favourite activities. Find images of your child's favourite singer, actor, athlete, or cartoon character that wears glasses (like Harry Potter, Superman, or Taylor Swift) and make a fun collage together. Show them that it's OK (or even cool!) to wear glasses. For younger children, pointing out how wearing glasses will make them look 'just like mum or grandad' might help.

2. Pick the perfect pair

Help your little one find a pair of glasses that will flatter their face and that they like the look of. Maybe flip through magazines together to find a style or colour that they like and try to make buying the glasses a fun excursion. Go to the shop together and let your child try on plenty of different glasses until they find a pair that they like and that feels comfortable – don't rush them. Be careful not to say anything negative about any of the glasses they try on. Even if they are trying on brightly coloured pairs, remember to stay positive at all times!

3. Encourage good behaviour

It's easy to fall into the habit of nagging your child or giving constant reminders to get them to wear their glasses, but it's important that your child doesn't associate wearing glasses with negative emotions. Instead, try complimenting them when they remember on their own and remind them gently yet firmly, without kicking up a fuss. 

4. Explain the benefits of wearing glasses

Make sure your child understands how wearing glasses is going to help them. For little kids, you may want to play or read with them with and without glasses so that they can see the difference and how much more fun activities are with their glasses on. For older kids, you could try reading or watching a movie. 

5. Be patient

It takes time for kids to adapt to wearing something new on their face. For some children, they'll be happy wearing their glasses right away while for others it can take much longer. Try to be firm but encouraging and patient during this time. For smaller kids start small, by asking your child to wear them for a little while each day and then gradually increase the amount of time they have to wear glasses - unless of course they only need to wear their glasses for specific tasks, like reading. Make 'glasses time' fun by putting on a cartoon or letting them eat their favourite snack. Or think of an incentive, such as a sticker chart and reward them every time they wear their glasses. Eventually, wearing glasses will become the new normal for your little one.

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