Health gadgets you need in your kitchen

Blenders, steamers, juicers and choppers

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Health gadgets you need in your kitchen

Sometimes, it’s the hassle and amount of time that food prep requires that can spoil even the healthiest of intentions.

Freshly squeezing your own juice? Slicing, chopping and peeling a whole host of veggies? After a long day, all that extra work can feel like a lot of effort and most of us just don’t have the time –  or the energy!
But fear not – there’s hope for your healthy eating regime yet! These clever kitchen gadgets will help speed up prep and take the faff out of dinner time, so the whole family can eat better. Discover 9 brilliant kitchen gadgets that you need to kickstart your healthy eating regime...


Whether you want to save money and waste, or are simply finding it tricky to keep track of the sugar levels in shop-bought juices, it might be time to start whipping up your own. Cue the juicer: the fastest way to turn whole fruits into pure, freshly squeezed drinks. Cheers to that! 
Try: George Home 700w Full Fruit Juicer, recently awarded a Which? Best Buy
Make: Pineapple and watercress smoothie


Make everything from bacon to family burgers healthier by cooking it all on a fat reducing grill. With specially designed sloping grill plates, all the fat and grease released during cooking is drawn away from your food to leave it leaner, healthier and just as tasty!
Try: George Foreman Family Grill
Make: Lamb pittas


If coming home and ordering an effort-free takeaway keeps foiling your healthy eating plans, a slow cooker could be the answer. Armed with the right slow cooker recipes you can come home to a ready-cooked, healthy meal – every day.
Try: Morphy Richards 6.5L Slow Cooker
Make: Catalan-style slow cooker chicken


From homemade soups and smoothies to finely chopped cauliflower rice, a multipurpose food processor can speed up the preparation time for all sorts of recipes. Perfect for whipping up healthy dishes that are on the table in no time at all!
Try: George Home 500W 4 in 1 Food Processor
Make: Blueberry muffin smoothie


Nutrients can be lost from vegetables via conventional cooking methods like boiling and roasting. Prevent that goodness from being removed in the cooking process by investing in a steamer. You’ll be able to cut down on the cooking oil used in your dishes too.
Try: George Home 2 Tier Food Steamer
Make: Your own baby food, like this sweet potato & beet mash


If you want to keep a closer eye on what’s going into your loaf, or fancy baking your own gluten-free bread but are strapped for time, a breadmaker can do all the hard work for you. There’ll be no kneading required (hurrah!) and most models can be put on a time delay so you have freshly ‘baked’ warm bread, as and when you want it.
Try: Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Breadmaker
Make: Masterclass bread


If you want to take all the fuss out of making delicious smoothies – plus save time on chopping, peeling, de-seeding and de-stemming – a dedicated smoothie maker is the kitchen gadget you need. Throw it all in and blitz.
Try: NutriBullet
Make: Blackberry, pear & coconut smoothie in a bowl


If you’ve ever wished that salads, stir-fries and casseroles came with far less prep involved, you need a speedy chopper. These quickly dice everything from carrots and parsnips to nuts and chicken, so there’ll be no excuse not to load up healthy ingredients with this in the kitchen!
Try: George Home Mini Chopper
Make: Italian pasta soup


Cut back on carbs by replacing your usual pasta and rice with colourful vegetable ribbons, courtesy of a spiralizer. This brilliant tool will make beautiful strands out of nearly any vegetable, from carrots and beets to squash and turnip. It's equally great for creating wow-factor garnishes and beautiful salads!
Try: Tower Electric Spiralizer 100W
Make: Courgetti - simply use your nifty kitchen gadget to make long streams of courgette noodles, then gently boil or sauté for a few minutes and use as you would spaghetti!

Make 2017 your healthiest year yet with Asda's brilliant kitchen gadgets