Little girl in kitchen playing hide and seek

Prepare to LOL: These kids haven’t *quite* worked out how to play hide and seek yet

If I can't see you, you can't see me, right?

Prepare to LOL: These kids haven’t *quite* worked out how to play hide and seek yet

Kids are natural masters of the imagination, so it's probably no surprise that they think of such inventive places to hide as the foot of their cot, a see-through toy box, under a towel or – behind the toilet? We all have fond memories of playing hide and seek when we were little, but were we really this bad at it...?

Lesson 1: Start with the basics

Immerse yourself in the game.

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Lesson 2: Think of comfort first and foremost

They might not find you for hours, so make 'comfy' your top priority.

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Lesson 3: Consider small spaces

Just remember your size.

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Lesson 4: Think like kitchen utensils

Cupboards are your friend.

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Lesson 5: Go beyond their expectations

Wear your disguise.

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Lesson 6: Think outside the box

There’s nothing constraining you, only the limits you put on yourself.

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Lesson 7: Look to fairytales

I am the monster hiding under your bed!

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Lesson 8: Transform into an animal

Imagination is your only limit.

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Lesson 9: Make use of shadows.

Remember: Sun = enemy. Shadows = friend?

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Lesson 10: Be at one with the furniture.

It's a hard old slog, but someone's gotta do it.

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Lesson 11: Get some help

Because no-one can build a mountain (of books) on their own.

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Lesson 12: Think like a superhero

And test your limits.

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Lesson 13: Finally, take a well deserved nap.

You know you’ve earned it.

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