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The most popular 10 minute HIIT workouts ever

Get fit at home with these 10 minute high intensity interval training workouts

The most popular 10 minute HIIT workouts ever

HIIT, or high intesity interval training, has taken the world by storm – thanks in no small part to the body sculpting genius of HIIT champion Joe Wicks.

But what is it, we hear you cry. HIIT is a form of interval training, which alternates short periods of intense aerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. And what's really so great about HIIT workouts is that they offer us mere mortals a realistic way to get fit and tone up. Want to tone up your abs before you pick the kids up from school? All you need is 10 minutes and an abs blaster HIIT workout. Want to focus on your legs and bums while the dinner cooks? Simple! Just try Fitness Blender's (intense) 10 minute HIIT workout. Want to squeeze in a full body workout ahead of your summer holiday? No problem, even with the kids running round, the dinner to cook and your partner under your feet – just steal 10 minutes to yourself and watch the full body workout below.

HIIT workouts could very well be the answer to your best ever summer body...

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The HIIT workout to blast your abs

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And last but not least... a full body HIIT workout form Joe Wicks himself

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