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Could this Hormone horoscope app solve all of life’s problems?

Or at least explain why you feel the way you do at certain times of the month

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Could this Hormone horoscope app solve all of life’s problems?

Being a functioning human being can be difficult enough on a normal day but at certain times of the month, it can seem almost impossible. On top of hard-to-handle situations such as the person who cut you up on the school run this morning, the coffee you spilled during your lunch break and the amount of sleep you didn't get last night, the leading influencer in how your day is going can often be your hormones. Author and health journalist Gabrielle Lichterman, who wrote the book 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential, knows just how this feels and has come up with a brilliant solution: an app that predicts your hormones for the day ahead.

Calculated using hundreds of scientific studies, the ‘Hormone Horoscope’ app offers women a precise rundown of how they will feel throughout the day, simply by calculating where your monthly cycle is at.

Helping to predict your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing for the day ahead, the app also offers easy solutions for you to utilise these predictions. Such insights include when to avoid tackling a difficult project, or when you'll be more inclined to multitask. Genius.

Intrigued? Head to the app or android store to download Hormone Horoscope for free.