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7 ways to lose weight without even trying

Cut back on calories and tone up with these no-fuss tips

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7 ways to lose weight without even trying

Wondering how to lose weight? As anyone who has struggled with their weight knows, slimming down can feel overwhelming at times and it can be tempting to give up before you've even started. Most diet and exercise regimes require a complete lifestyle overhaul and can become costly and time-consuming. But losing weight and getting fit doesn't have to be a chore. We've rounded up seven no-effort weight loss tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine – without compromising on the things you love. From a simple way to stay fuller for longer to a fun idea to stick to those weekly workout goals, these easy ways to lose weight will help you stick to a healthy eating plan and be more active.

Whether you're trying to lose five pounds or 50, jump start a healthier lifestyle and find out how to lose weight with our simple advice. Faddy diets will come and go, but these sensible tips are tried and tested and backed by the experts. Go on, give these easy weight loss tips a go and start feeling healthier today!

1. Healthy swaps

Eating healthy shouldn't mean compromising on taste and satisfaction. The good news is that with a few simple substitutions, you can still indulge in your favourite treats minus the extra calories. For example, instead of white bread or rice, opt for brown or whole-grain – you'll get the same flavour but stay fuller for longer thanks to the higher fibre content. Craving something salty? Instead of potato crisps, try kale crisps. Love dessert? Swap ice cream for yoghurt. You'd be surprised by how these small changes can deliver big weight loss results.

2. Get moving

Joining a gym and committing to a regular exercise regime is a great way to lose weight, but who has the time and energy to work out every day? Get the benefits of exercise without stepping foot in the gym by making a few small changes to your lifestyle and adding more activity into your every day. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Get off one stop earlier and walk to work, take the stairs instead of the lift, get up and walk over to a colleague instead of sending an email, or do five crunches during every TV advert break. It might not sound like much, but over one month you could burn hundreds of extra calories.

3. Take note

If you've been trying to shed pounds for a while without seeing any results, you may be consuming more calories than you think. Throughout the day, it's so easy to snack on a few crisps here or take a few sips of soft drink there and forget what exactly you've been eating. The solution? Invest in a notebook and start writing down everything that crosses your lips. Not only will you be able to keep track of what you're eating, but you may even notice patterns that emerge. Once you figure out the times and events that trigger unhealthy cravings, you can make sure that you're prepared.

4. Eat at home

Dining out means less cleaning up and more convenience but if you're trying to lose weight then you might want to eat in tonight. That's because restaurant meals often feature added fat, salt and calories. Even when you opt for a salad, if you don't know what's going into your dinner or how it was prepared then it's hard to know if you're eating healthily. Save money and calories by eating in, and keep restaurant trips as a special treat instead. Your body – and your wallet – will thank you for it!

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5. Bulk up on veggies

You know that vegetables are good for you but did you know that by getting your five-a-day, you could shed those unwanted pounds? That's because vegetables are packed full of fibre, which helps fill your stomach. Plus veggies like cucumber, celery and lettuce are also full of water – another way to fill you up without adding calories. Need another reason to add more vegetables to your diet? They're loaded with vitamins and nutrients! For better weight loss results, make sure that every meal has a good amount of veggies included.

6. Get spicy

Butter and salt may add plenty of flavour to your food but if you're trying to lose weight then it's time to cut back on high fat and unhealthy ingredients. Instead, make those vegetables and healthy dishes more enticing by adding delicious spices. Not only will this boost the flavour of your meals but some studies have shown that certain spices like cinnamon and cumin can actually aid weight loss. Why not try this lentil, chickpea and spinach curry for dinner tonight?

7. Find a workout buddy

Need some extra motivation to work out? Enlist the help of a friend! Make a weekly date with a good pal to go for a run, take part in a fitness class or even go for a long walk on the weekend. Once a set plan is in place with somebody else, you'll be much less likely to break it. Plus, isn't exercising more fun when you're not alone?