Woman doing yoga on paddleboard

Fitness fusion: The new hybrid sports making waves in the health world

Anyone for trampoline yoga?

Fitness fusion: The new hybrid sports making waves in the health world

Mixing up activities to get the best of two sports in one is a great way to combine cardiovascular exercise, toning, strengthening and fun - as these versatile fitness ideas prove…


What is it? Piloxing® combines the fat-burning energy of boxing – weighted gloves offer enhanced muscle toning – with the body conditioning of Pilates. All set to a frenetic dance track, it's guaranteed to get the endorphins (and sweat glands) pumping.

Barre pilates

What is it? This takes the principles of Pilates – controlled stretching – but uses a barre for support the way ballet dancers train. It has more poise than the thumping beats of a cardio dance class, but will get your muscles stretching just the same.

Aqua yoga

What is it? No prizes for guessing it’s yoga in water, offering a low-impact workout where gravity and buoyancy help you stretch further while supporting muscles and joints. Recommended for expectant mums, but don’t expect it to be a breeze.

Paddleboard yoga

What is it? This rings the changes from a studio full of ‘glowing’ bodies, but you have to work harder to keep your balance. The soothing sway of the water helps focus the breathing for a super-serene, al fresco session.

Trampoline yoga

What is it? Practising yoga positions on individual raised trampolines, rather than floor mats. The gentle bouncing is designed to help with deeper stretching and flexibility, plus ease tension in the body.


What is it? A non-contact game developed in Czechoslovakia 100 years ago. Two teams of players face each other over a net and knock the ball back and forth using anything other than their hands.


What is it? The same principle as footballtennis, but with a higher net on a setting similar to beach volleyball. It grew up around Rio’s Copacabana Beach (surprise!) and can be pretty full on.


What is it? A game for all ages set on public courses around the country. You basically kick a football around the course into football-sized holes (often to the annoyance of golfers on surrounding holes!)