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Joe Wicks: The Body Coach dishes his 10 healthy mantras for families in 2016

We talk to The Body Coach about how to get your family healthy for the year ahead

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach dishes his 10 healthy mantras for families in 2016

Health and fitness guru Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is a man on a mission to make being healthy achievable for everyone. He's succeeding with his 90 day SSS ('Shift, Shape and Sustain') plan, which has already shown impressive results for 50,000 people all over the world. Joe’s first book, Lean In 15 went on sale in December 2015 and in its first week beat the first week sales of Delia Smiths bestseller How To Cook in 2008. His new book, Lean in 15 - The Shape Plan is available in Asda now.

The numbers speak for themselves, but what is it about Joe’s philosophy that’s helped him gain such a following? 'I try to keep my videos and tips fun,' says Joe. 'I’ve actually had a lot of parents say that kids love my videos - toddlers are looking at them and going, ‘Boss! That’s lean in 15!’'

So what's his advice for a busy family trying to make exercise fun? 'With kids it’s got to be a whole family thing. You can’t get kids doing weight training, but making time on a Sunday to go out together for a bike ride or a walk in the park will keep them interested.' Joe also explained that keeping active is something to instill from a young age: 'If you get kids active early in life, they'll take that with them to adulthood. They’ll learn that being fit and being outdoors is great and much more fun than just sitting there on their smartphones.' Makes sense to us! We asked Joe how to put this into practice so read on to make fitness a part of your family life.

Joe’s 10 diet mantras for 2016

1. Plan your meals for the week

Get a little diary and plan what you are all going to eat in advance. It really helps structure your week and makes you stick to your plan rather than making unhealthy food choices on a whim.

2. Prep like a boss

This means preparing your meals by making a shopping list, going food shopping (or ordering your shopping online, getting all the ingredients you need so you’ve got all your meals prepped for the week ahead and don’t have to rush about during the week.

3. Ditch the sad step

That’s what I call the scales. It’s not good for you as they rarely go the way you want and it can be frustrating. It’s not good to get your family - and especially kids - into the frame of mind of constantly checking their weight.

4. Take photos for progress pictures

Instead of getting on the sad step and looking in the mirror, thinking nothing's changing, take regular photos. They don’t lie, and you can make them fun too!

5. Do HIIT Cardio.

This is great for busy family lives - just 20 minutes a day four to five days a week is needed. Things like skipping, burpies and jumping jacks are a great way to get older kids involved too.

6. Make it fun

Get the kids involved in sport because when they’re playing a sport, they don’t really feel like they’re exercising - it’s more like fun. Try things like going swimming, to the park or playing rounders or tennis together.

7. Always eat carbs after you train

Believe it or not you’re still burning calories after you’ve finished exercising, so it’s important to refuel as soon as you can.

8. Eat more fats

Don’t be frightened of eating things like eggs, butter and dairy. People used to think eating fats was bad for you, but now it’s actually been shown that in moderation, they’re part of a balanced diet. 

9. Drink more water

We’re all guilty of not drinking enough water but a hydrated body burns more fat, so try and drink between two to four litres a day. Check out our flavoured water story in the January issue of Good Living magazine for easy tricks to give water a healthy twist.

10. Treat yourself

Don’t be afraid to have a little treat now and again. That might mean anything from a bowl of ice cream to a bag of popcorn. You don’t have to be super-strict, so don’t stop yourself from enjoying the occasional snack with your family or a nice meal out together.

Want to put Joe’s healthy tips into practice? Buy his new book Lean in 15 - The Shape Plan, in store now

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