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Post Pregnancy Exercise Hacks for New Mums

Get fit with these postnatal exercise tips from personal trainer Stephanie Wilson

Post Pregnancy Exercise Hacks for New Mums

Calling all new mums! Make the most of your maternity leave and adjust into a new exercise routine. It’ll boost your mood by increasing endorphins (those feel-good chemicals in your brain), help you slide back into your pre-pregnancy jeans and improve the quality of sleep to enable you to cope better. Read on for top tips from personal trainer Stephanie Wilson...

Start slow

The recommended time to start exercising is six to eight weeks after your baby’s arrival (10 weeks after a C-section), but gentle walking is fine in the first few weeks if you’re feeling up to it. Remember that every woman is different, so listen to your body and make sure to check with your doctor before undergoing any physical activity. 

Gently does it

Start doing pelvic floor exercises as soon as you feel able – these will improve circulation and help to reduce swelling and bruising. It might feel that not much is happening initially, but keep going and you’ll notice improvements within a few months. 

Pushy mums

Don’t attempt to do sit-ups or stomach crunches – they will increase the pressure on your weakened pelvic floor muscles and may cause lower back pain. Your ligaments are still softened and stretched from relaxin – a hormone produced during pregnancy to relax the pelvis – and quick moves may increase the risk of injury. 

Team player

You can usually start exercising again after your six-week postnatal check. Exercise groups for mothers and babies in your local area are great for meeting new mums as well as getting fit (visit Ask for your GP’s advice before you try more intense activities like running or swimming. 

Keep hydrated

Water flushes waste products from the cells and is important for breast milk production and flow. So always carry a bottle wherever you go. This 1L Bobble Pink Water Filter Bottle is perfect for hydration on the go.

Flexible friends

Pilates is perfect for gentle post-baby toning (and those pelvic floor muscles!), especially after a C-section.

Defy gravity

If breastfeeding, make sure you buy a sports bra which isn’t too tight as it could be uncomfortable with increased milk flow. 

Get your feet properly measured

It’s not uncommon that your shoe size will increase during pregnancy – so it could be time to splash out and buy a fresh new pair of trainers. 


This is my last pregnancy workout with just Tucker and I. So bittersweet ������ I'm in labor baby will be here soon����!!!!! Tucker and I got a lot of bonding in the last couple of weeks. He's my best friend and pretty soon I'm going to have 2 best friends!! I can't imagine loving another human being as much as Tucker but I know my heart will make room.Tucker was a surprise baby and changed my life so drastically. We've had such an amazing journey together. It's crazy to think of it changing again!! All the pregnancy hormones are getting to me and I'm tearing up just thinking about it �� Cant wait for Tucker to meet his new baby brother! Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts and for following our adventure������������ It means sooooo much to me ☺️ I'm so incredibly grateful and humbled! Bra- @aloyoga Tuck LOVES this hat from @bambooloui

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