LISS exercise

How to exercise the LISS way

Forget about spinning or hardcore bootcamp workouts – this gentler approach to exercise is the way forward

How to exercise the LISS way

If you've seen a spinning class, you'll know that it's not for the faint-hearted. Super-fast paced and sweaty, it's not a great fit with those who, post-work, just don't have that sort of energy leftover.

This January, you can expect to see less hardcore workouts and more LISS. That is, Low Intensity Sustained State exercise. Personal trainers are recommending this as an effective but less strenuous alternative to HIIT-style (high intensity interval-style) workouts. 

Amy Hopkinson, Personal Trainer and Women’s Health Digital Editor, suggests that this is because there are many people for whom HIIT or similar aren’t suitable: ‘LISS is excellent if you’re starting out with exercise as you can go at your own pace and it’s much less intimidating - and you don’t need a lot of kit to do it. It’s also ideal if you’re stressed as it can add balance, keeping your heart rate low and reducing the likelihood of sustaining an injury during a more dynamic work out.’


ICYMI this is our way of helping you get #getfitin5mins - for the next five days @wellness_ed and @faisalpmafitness are asking you to do just 5 minutes of exercise a day. We know silly season has well and truly begun, so, this is how to turn your body into a gym in only 5 minutes. _ The aim? To work every body part and feel empowered to start your day. Using the #PMA method be true to yourself and for an honest result, push yourself. *Work / Rest Ratio* Beginner 20 / 40 Intermediate 30 / 30 Ninja 40 / 20 _ You’re only working for 5 minutes In total so don’t cheat the time or extend the rest. And do follow the session with a brisk 20 minute walk to hit your daily movement guidelines set by NHS. _ We’ll be posting once a day at different times so make sure to check back for for your next dose! _ PLEASE SHARE YOUR EFFORTS WITH THE HASTAG #GETFITIN5MINS

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To start, all you have to do is get going: embark on a walk, add in a quick Sunday jog, hop on a bike, or try swimming. The best thing about LISS? If you’d like to, you can get your kids and other half involved too with no extra expense. 

Naomi Langford-Archer, Nutritional Therapist at explains how LISS can actually help to calm the nervous system – ‘when stressed and anxious, you are operating in your sympathetic nervous system, which is commonly called fight or flight. Low intensity exercise such as yoga, walking, tai chi, swimming, a gentle jog, and going for a bike ride will all swing the nervous system into parasympathetic mode, which is your rest and repair zone.’

Amy adds that the benefits of LISS are myriad, particularly when you're completely frazzled: ‘LISS adds balance when really stressed, and offers an opportunity to connect with yourself more. It’s an ideal way to exercise if you’re starting out as you can go at your own pace and it’s much less intimidating.’ 

It’s surprisingly effective if you want to burn fat. Charlotte Clarke, Personal Trainer at No1 Fitness, says that ‘due to the low intensity, fat is the primary source of fuel, so LISS can help towards that.’

Fat burning, stress-busting, and a thrifty way to get some exercise in: it's little wonder that LISS is coming to the fore as a great antidote to all those more punishing forms of exercise. Now what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, and (slowly) go…

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