2017 should be the year we all take up yoga

Relax your mind and limber up your limbs

2017 should be the year we all take up yoga

It’s known for putting your mind, body and soul into practice and it’s something that all ages can get involved with. But those aren't the only benefits that yoga can provide.

You’ll soon be saying ‘namaste’, acting out the dolphin plank pose and perfecting the Bharadvaja’s Twist in no time!

The discipline, which focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing, is a great way to ease yourself into a fitness regime and get your body into shape.

And according to the Yoga Journal, there are 38 benefits of yoga, to be exact - including building muscle strength, perfecting your posture and helping you to sleep deeper. So if you're not into slogging it out in the gym or your joints aren't up to pounding the pavements, then yoga is a great way to strengthen without injuring yourself.

This year you'll be happy to hear that getting back into shape has never been easier, as you can now get items such as yoga mats, sports bras and sweatshirts delivered to your local Asda store using to the toyou service.

Sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, has teamed up with Asda stores meaning you can get all the yoga products you’ll need (and more) delivered to your local supermarket the next time you're doing your shopping. 

So you’ll soon be saying ‘namaste’, acting out the dolphin plank pose and perfecting the Bharadvaja’s Twist in no time!

To help get you started, we've put together just a taster of the items which are available online.  

Yoga Mats

If you're looking for a place to stretch your loins, limber up your legs and get your body into shape you'll need a comfortable yoga mat to get you started. This pure rubber mat is designed for dynamic yoga such as ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga.


Alternatively you could try this pink and black reversible mat. It's 5mm thick for good comfort and has a good grip for some of the most demanding poses.


Find your zen whilst you're working out with this grey long-sleeved T-shirt which feels like a second skin. The fabric stays put when you're doing inverted poses which means it's perfect for dynamic yoga.


Yoga leggings

Comfortable and breathable leggings with a high waistband to support the abdominal muscles, even during inverted poses, make for the perfect piece of clothing when you're practicing yoga, as you can focus on your exercises rather than what you're wearing. These grey and pink bottoms are designed for ashtanga yoga, power yoga and hot yoga. 

Yoga brick

Helping with balance, this lightweight and soft, easy to carry to yoga brick would make the perfect yoga companion. It's designed to help in poses where reaching the floor becomes an issue, for instance in half-moon pose and other standing poses requiring good hamstring flexibility. 


Cover ups are ideal for when your warming up or cooling down as you can chuck them on before and after your workup and feel toasty in no time. Try these hooded jackets for something comfy and stylish!


Feeling inspired to get fit this year? Make sure you check out the full range of products Decathlon has to offer online. For other sportswear clothing head to George or your local Asda store