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10 signs you married your best friend

You are the definition of relationship goals

10 signs you married your best friend

If you walked down the aisle knowing you were marrying your best friend, then you managed to find the most coveted of all relationships. Afterall, there’s no one better to spend forever with.

Here are 10 things that married best friends will understand…

Just hanging out is the best of times

Whether you are going out to dinner, taking a lazy Sunday stroll, watching TV, or even taking the bins out – as long as you are spending time together, you are happy. No one else can make you laugh like they do.


You know what each other would order at a restaurant

And although you want the same thing, you’ll order something different because you know they’re weird about that.

You have 'the eye' down to an art

With just one look, they can silently communicate that they need saving from this conversation / it's time to leave / they’re out of wine. 

They call you on your nonsense without being mean

Being honest without being hurtful is an art and comes from someone who truly cares (and because no one should be right ALL the time).



You can't wait to tell them about stupid things

'Are you actually calling me at work because the dog has fallen asleep cuddling his teddy bear? That’s amazing, send me a picture.’

You bicker... but never hold grudges

Yes they're annoying and you disagree all the time about silly stuff (because they're annoying), but it never sticks and you're laughing again in 10 minutes.

They're your Yoda

You trust their advice implicitly because they understand and always have your best interests at heart (which is probably why you always need to know their opinion on everything).

They talk to your parents on the phone without you

'Your dad said the funniest thing today...’



You never have to be anyone other than yourself

Crying your eyes out at that advert with the kids and the dog, wrestling your uncooperative body into that outfit or tackling the most unsexy of beauty treatments – your other half loves you just the same.

They are your biggest cheerleader

Knowing you have their unwavering support makes you the best version of yourself and therefore have the confidence to take on the world.