10 Free Ways to Entertain the Kids at Home

Try these boredom-busting craft activities and games to spark your child’s creativity and make the day fly by.

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10 Free Ways to Entertain the Kids at Home

If you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day and hear the familiar line from your kids ‘I’m bored’ then we’re here to help!
All it takes is a quick hunt for old clothing, some everyday household items and a sprinkle of creativity to stop children from getting restless.
So don’t let the gloomy weather spoil your fun; gather the children together and have a go trying these craft activities and games that are bound to keep them entertained for hours. You might even enjoy them too…!

All it takes is a quick hunt for old clothing, some everyday household items and a sprinkle of creativity to stop children from getting restless

1. Rock Out With A Steel Band

Don’t let a little bit of rain put a damper on your day. If you don’t mind a bit of noise, unleash your rockstars on the kitchen pots and crash and bang your way through the afternoon.

2. Paint Your Pebbles

Kids love to collect pebbles and shells so keep an assortment in a pot or shoebox from your seaside travels or weekend walks. Line your table with newspaper, bring out the paints and brushes and let the children get to work on painting eye-catching designs and funny faces on your collection.

3. Croon With Karaoke

It's time to pump the tunes! Don’t have a karaoke machine? There are thousands of videos on YouTube that will let your sing-a-long session go without a hitch.

4. Go On An Indoor Treasure Hunt

What could be more exciting than finding a hidden prize? This game can be as simple as a planting rhyming clues around the house that point to an ultimate treasure, or if you want to go all out, create a themed event that the kids can dress up for.

5. Make Your Own Sock Puppets

Grab an old pair of socks, some glue, bits of ribbon, odd buttons, then help the kids craft their own unique sock puppets. Once they’re happy with their creations, it’s showtime! Recline and enjoy a front seat at a very exclusive theatre production.

6. Play Stylist With Costume Dress Ups

While every kid loves a superhero or princess costume, don’t worry if you don’t have one. Hang onto your out-of-season clothing and high heels you no longer wear because kids love the idea of wearing mum’s heels and dad’s hats when playing dress up.

7. Jump In The Tub For An Indoor Scuba Dive

Run the bath, throw in the toys and adjust your goggles. Practise your breathing; it’s time for an underwater exploration. Water babies will have almost too much fun playing this game, just make sure you take them out of the tub before they catch a cold!

8. Build Memories With A Time Capsule

If you have any jars or unused shoeboxes lying around the house, get your little ones to fill them up with notes, pictures and objects that they’ll want to remember. Let them ‘bury’ it in a secret corner of the house and ‘dig it up’ in a couple of years’ time.

9. Create Dried Pasta Art

Great for those unexpected downpours outside, you’ll most likely have a range of pasta shapes already in your kitchen cupboards. All you need is some card and glue to create fabulous 3D works of art.

If a bad weather forecast means you’ve planned ahead, dye your dried pasta in advance with food colouring and leave it out to dry before the kids start their art class. Just remember to wear rubber gloves when you do it!

10. Pitch A Tent

Build a den with rugs and bed sheets by draping them across the living room furniture. Add pillows, sleeping bags and cuddly toys, then gather the troops around a make believe campfire for a picnic, just don’t forget the marshmallows!

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