Back To School

10 tweets that completely sum up the first day back at school

Did you have visions of being super organised too?

10 tweets that completely sum up the first day back at school

Are you ready for the first day back at school? Are the uniforms all ironed, P.E kits packed, new school shoes tried and tested, pencil cases lying in wait?

No idea where you put their socks or sweaters six weeks ago?

Err – not quite, actually? Almost there? Absolutely no idea where you’ve put their socks or sweaters since they last wore them six weeks ago?

Don’t fear, you’re not alone.

From shudders at rejoining the school run to last-minute panics over whether you’ve got sports socks in the right colours, here’s how most of us are really feeling about the kids’ first day back at school…

At the start of the summer holidays six weeks felt like a long time, but now…

You had visions of being this organised… 

But now this is how you’ll most likely be packing the school bags on Monday morning! While also trying to make up for the last-minute panic with a (one-off) special brekkie, maybe...

If you planned to use the weekend before the new school term to have a lie-in, you’ll likely know how this this feels:

Especially when you realise you can’t find the ‘safe place’ you chose to store all the school uniform in… Did they even bring their uniform home on the last day of term?! We all had visions of whipping up the lunch box of dreams…

But hey, just getting everyone up, dressed and actually at the school gate on time is the most important thing!

From school uniform to P.E kit, get all your back to school essentials sorted at George.