5 ways to make your car journey less dull

Beat those backseat blues and keep the kids entertained however far you're travelling

5 ways to make your car journey less dull

Although driving isn't always a pleasure, there are definitely ways of making lengthy car journeys more enjoyable.

A great playlist or podcast will easily kill an hour or so – and when the boredom sets in again it's time to move onto a fun game that the whole family can partake in. 

Make sure you read up on our game suggestions before setting off on your next adventure. Happy travelling!

I spy

I Spy is a classic – quite frankly, it never seems to get old. Everyone excluding the driver can partake. 

If you don't know the rules, they're super simple: each passenger takes it in turn to say ‘I spy, something with my eye, beginning with the letter A’ (for example).

It’s then up to the kids (and big kids) in the car to guess the object correctly.

While You Were Sleeping

If a certain passenger has nodded off, this game is sure to keep everyone else in the car entertained.

The goal? To create a story and each play a part. Once the passenger wakes up you have got to convince them that your story is real.

If you successfully fool the person, each storyteller wins three points. But if the sleeping passenger doesn’t believe the story then they steal the team's current point total. Whoever ends up with the most points (once at the destination) wins the game.

Who am I?

To play this car game it would be handy to have something to write on, but a good memory serve just as well.

One person picks a person to be (it has to be someone famous and someone everyone in the car will recognise).

The passengers then take it in turns to ask leading questions. For example ‘have you got blond hair?’ The answer has to be either 'yes' or 'no'. 

The first person to guess your identity wins, and then it's their turn to pick a person to be. 

Memory game

This game starts with 'I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing…' That sentence is followed with whatever item comes to mind. For example it could be a chocolate, cake or a particular drink.  

The next player has to remember that item, before adding something else to the story. Anyone who incorrectly names an item is out of the game!

The Singing Game

The idea of this game is to connect song lyrics for a fun sing-along – everyone can get involved! Here's how: one person will start singing a line of a song.

Using a lyric from another song, the next person has to start singing to connect it with the previous lyric. It continues until a singer forgets the lyrics or is stumped. Easy!

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