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5 ways to make your car journey less dull

Beat those backseat blues and keep the kids entertained however far you're travelling

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5 ways to make your car journey less dull

Families and motorists nationwide will know there are guaranteed bugbears when it comes to driving. 

This includes sourcing the cheapest petrol, finding a large place to park in (where you don't have to parallel park) and if you have kids, deflecting the ‘are we nearly there yet’ questions. 

Although we can't say we've found a solution to parallel parking in tight spaces, it's good news on the petrol and questions front.

Motorists can now benefit from cheaper fuel prices after Asda announced that it will be bringing the cost down at its 301 filling stations across the country from Tuesday 14th March.

The price of unleaded petrol has been cut by up to 2p per litre - bringing prices down to a new national price cap of 114.7p on unleaded and 116.7p on diesel.

Now that you've saved some cash on fuel, you can also keep the kids entertained on the move without having to pay a penny. Here are five ideas to beat the backseat blues.

I spy

I Spy is that traditional childhood game which never seems to get old, no matter your age. This game can be played with however many people are in the car (excluding the driver of course).

Taking it in turns, one person will come up with something which is visible from the car saying ‘I spy, something with my eye, beginning with the letter A’ – for example.

It’s then up to the kids (and big kids) in the car to guess the object correctly.

While You Were Sleeping

If your passengers have nodded off (here’s hoping), then this game is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Once one of your passengers has gone to sleep, the rest of the car have got to begin creating a story and each play a part. Once the passenger wakes up you have then got to get them to believe your story.

It could be anything from ‘I spotted a pig flying’ to ‘there was a farmer chasing after his sheep along a village road’.

If you successfully fool the person, each storyteller wins three points. But if the sleeping passenger doesn’t believe the story then they steal the teams current point total. The one with the most points once you have reached your destination wins.

Who am I?

To play this car game it would be handy if you have some form of paper, but a good memory would be just as great.

One person picks a person to be. It has to be someone famous and someone all those in your car are going to recognise.

The passengers then start taking it in turns to ask leading questions. For example ‘have you got blond hair?’You can only answer yes or no to the questions asked.

The first person to guess your identity wins and then it's their turn to pick a person to be. 

Memory game

This game starts with 'I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing…'You then follow that sentence with whatever item comes to mind. For example it could be a cornish pasty, or it could be chocolate

The next player has to remember that item and add something else to the story. Get a part of the story wrong and you’re out.

The Singing Game

The idea of this is to connect song lyrics for a fun sing-along game that everyone can get involved with. One person will start singing a line of a song.

Using a lyric from another song, the next person has to start singing to connect it with the previous lyric. It continues until a singer forgets the lyrics or is stumped.

To find your nearest Asda filling station, check out the store locator here.