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The 7 top parenting trends for 2017

From building dens, keeping them entertained in the car to finding the perfect baby name

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The 7 top parenting trends for 2017

When you’ve got kids, you’ve got to get creative. And especially now that half term week is upon us.

So, whether you're looking for nursery décor ideas, creative activities to do with the kids or ways to entertain them for hours, look no further!

But keeping your little ones busy for hours at home is actually easier than you think - especially now that Pinterest has released its top 100 pins for 2017, which include parenting trends mums and dads across the world are loving.

So, whether you're looking for nursery décor ideas, creative activities to do with the kids, or ways to entertain them for hours - look no further!

To help you out this half term, we’ve put together a collection of the top parenting trends.

1. Arts and crafts

It's time to invest in some poster paint, bundles of paper and lots of glue as, according to Pinterest, productive and fun activities like finger painting are up by 35% in comparison to last year. The trend is cheap and easy-to-do, and according to award-winning designer and illustrator Katie Craven, getting creative, drawing and painting is 'wonderful'.

She said: “As a child I was always drawing and painting, and I just never stopped! I fell in love with the imaginative world that drawing offers; having a blank piece of paper with which you have the opportunity to draw and paint your own made up world - It's wonderful! I think the best way for kids to explore drawing is without rules, so that they can learn for themselves what works!"

2. Building a den

Remember the good old days of foraging in the garden, finding broken branches and bundling heaps of leaves over them? Well, it's time to bring those days back! According to Pinterest, the traditional den has had a magical twist for 2017, with searches for ‘building a fairy garden’ up by a massive 106%.

3. Decorating a neutral nursery

One of the hottest trends to emerge from 2016 was the gender-neutral nursery. This saw expectant parents colouring their nurseries in neutral colours with stylish greys, stars and zig-zag motifs shunned in favour of fun woodland themes. Think trees, forests, and fairies. According to Pinterest, finding the perfect theme for your baby’s sleep space was up by 97%.

4. Virtual reality

This year sees virtual reality gear gaining in popularity, with the search and pin term up an impressive 65%. And thankfully, Pinterest is helping parents deal with virtual reality easily, with these make-your-own cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses. 

5. Make your own ice lollies

Ah, the humble homemade ice lolly. This zesty refreshment is up 44% in Pinterest searches and pins. So why not try our smoothie lollies? It's also an easy way to get the kids eating more fruit!

6. Classic baby names

Any expectant parents out there in need of some name inspiration? Why don't you remind yourself of the traditional names that are dying out, as according to Pinterest, the ‘classic baby name’ trend is up by a massive 78%. It looks like it's time for a revival!

7. Road trip hacks

Families and motorists nationwide will know there are guaranteed bugbears when it comes to driving. This includes sourcing the cheapest petrol, finding a large place to park in (where you don't have to parallel park) and if you have kids, deflecting the ‘are we nearly there yet?’ questions.

But thanks to Pinterest, there are simple ideas to keep the kids entertained whilst on the move, making your drive a much nicer experience. 

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