9 things we love about Killing Eve

From the killings to the clothes, we can't wait for season two to land

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9 things we love about Killing Eve

It's almost here… After almost one year of waiting, the second series of Killing Eve has landed - and we couldn't be more excited.

If you haven't seen season one, then where have you been? The BBC America series follows a glamourous female assassin (Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer) jet-setting around the world, killing high-profile targets, while a quick-witted MI6 agent (Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh) tries to track her down.

The BBC series, based on the four-part novella series Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings, has won countless awards for its fantastic script and amazing acting, and now series two is back with a bang on Saturday night - and we couldn't be more relieved.

In the countdown to series two's release, we're thinking about all of the ways we fell in love with Killing Eve the first time around…

1. Villanelle

How often do we get to see a totally badass female assassin on our screens? Villanelle, or Oksana, played by Jodie Comer, may be the "bad guy", but she's also glamorous, fashionable, funny and super cool - as well as being a total psycho, of course.

In a typical crime or thriller drama, it's the spy that has the chic clothing, innovative gadgets and flush lifestyle. But in Killing Eve, it's the assassin that the secret service are trying to track down. She navigates her way around the world with a "couldn't care less" attitude, tipping ice cream over children and taking pride in the creative ways she kills her targets.


2. Eve

You might recognise Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy, but we think this is her greatest work. Sandra Oh plays MI6 agent Eve Polastri - the hilarious, down-to-earth protagonist who's been tasked with tracking down Villanelle. Eve may seem slightly drab in comparison to glamourous and opulent Villanelle, but she's still absolutely gorgeous with bouncing curly hair and a quick, witty sense of humour.

3. Their obsession with each other

In their bid to track each other down, Eve and Villanelle become obsessed with each other. Villanelle steals Eve's suitcase and gets a stranger to dress up in her clothes, while Eve's marriage hits rocky terrain when she starts dedicating all of her time and energy to the case.
While most of her colleagues and her husband are terrified by Villanelle, Eve is fascinated by her. The pair's interesting dynamic verges on infatuation and admiration, leaving us wondering whether something romantic will happen between them in the next series…


4. The assassinations

Villanelle isn't a woman to be underestimated, as is proved by the various assassinations that take place in the first series. From the dagger disguised as a hair pin used to stab an Italian mafioso in the Riviera, to the poison hidden in a perfume bottle spritzed by a beauty tycoon, and the *ahem* clamping and suffocation of a Chinese military hacker on his trip to the "dentist", Villanelle likes to kill her victims with a certain flourish.

Although we don't know whether Villanelle is going to continue with her assassin career in season two, we are hoping for a few more creative schemes and innovative traps along the way.

5. The clothes

Clothing plays a massive role in Killing Eve, and is a huge part of Villanelle's life. The assassin has an awesome wardrobe, from chic tailored trouser suits to trendy shaggy cardigans and that flouncy pink Molly Goddard dress.

Eve's own clothes are somewhat drab in comparison - and Villanelle steals her suitcase and clothes when she flies out to Berlin to take a look at one of the crime scenes. When the suitcase is returned, it's filled with expensive, designer clothing and a silk cocktail dress, all in her size.


6. The locations

In her travels across Europe, we follow Villanelle to all kinds of beautiful cities and rural villages - from Moscow to Berlin, Paris to Bletcham in the heart of the English countryside. We travel to a grand Parisian ballroom for an awards dinner, a dingy techno nightclub that's packed to the rafters, an ornate Italian villa for a mafia family party, a stark Russian prison and a tiny rural cottage in a chocolate-box village. Not to mention Villanelle's Parisian apartment with its high ceilings and stunning furniture - and fridge full of Champagne…

7. Phoebe Waller-Bridge's writing

The best thing about Killing Eve (asides from the brilliant acting, the stunning locations and the breath-taking clothes…) has to be the script. Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, also known for her other BBC series Fleabag, Killing Eve is hilariously funny with brilliant comedic timing. You wouldn't expect a thrilling crime story to be so sassy and witty, but that's the beauty of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's work.

Although the writer hasn't worked on the second series, we're still hoping for Villanelle's classic pranks and MI6 boss Carolyn's hilarious, quirky remarks to make appearances.



We worked it HARD. ❤️ I love these two rockstars!

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8. How invested we are

Whether it's Kenny and Elena who work with Eve in MI6 and have their own mini flirtation, or Villanelle's connection to the Twelve, Konstanin, all of the characters have their own little quirks and side stories, and you can't help but get super invested in all of their lives. This is proven when Villanelle brutally stabs Eve's colleague and good friend Bill Pargrave in the nightclub in Berlin, which is possibly the most heartbreaking moment in the whole series.

9. The cliff hangers

Series one ended in an epic finale, with Villanelle shooting Konstanin, then Eve stabbing Villanelle in the stomach before she runs away - knife still embedded inside her. Although it was an action-packed final episode, it left us with way more questions than it answered: is Konstanin dead? Where did Villanelle run to after she was stabbed? Who are the Twelve? What's MI6 boss Carolyn got to do with the Russian intelligence network? What's going to happen next?!

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Catch up on series one of Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer. Series two is released on Saturday 8 June at 9:15pm.