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8 American dishes to celebrate Independence Day

Why not spend the Fourth of July eating burgers, ribs and pancakes

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8 American dishes to celebrate Independence Day

When it comes to tremendously tasty fast foods and cheat meals which are truly indulgent - Americans do it best.

From delicious doughnuts with a sugary topping to mouthwateringly-good patties - where would we be without these cult American classics? And with today, July 4, marking Independence Day, what better excuse than to indulge in some of these delicious dishes...

To help you celebrate in style, we've rounded up American foods which the food world wouldn't be complete without. Or with Asda's new Southern States of America range, you can have a taste of the deep south on your plate at the click of an oven button.

1. Slow cooker veggie sloppy joes

A simple American staple but nonetheless, they're extra tasty and the kids will love eating them. Simply fill your sandwich or burger buns with this veggie sloppy joe mix, which is made with courgette, finely sliced peppers, red onions, and sweet potatoes. 

2. Treacle-glazed ribs

Super sticky, and super delicious pork ribs are the way to anyone's heart. And these tender, melt-in-the-mouth ribs are sure to have a very special place in your heart indeed. Marinated in garlic, cola, ketchup and black treacle you'll have a taste explosion in your mouth. 

3. Hot dogs with vegetable garden relish

In America, the hot dog reigns supreme. This is our spin on a Chicago-style dog which is traditionally topped with mustard and colourful diced veg and it's the perfect finger food to serve up on Independence day!

4. Chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

Get all the family stuck in with these crispy wings teamed with creamy dip - it's a killer combo. 

5. American burger

Ah, the humble American cheeseburger complete with a juicy patty, salad leaves and real, stringy burger cheese - perfection!

6. American pancake stack

These thick, fluffy pancakes, topped with syrup and bacon, are a popular breakfast dish in the States. So it's no surprise that us Brits can't get enough of them. The crispier the bacon the better!

7. Onion Rings

Whether you love them chunky with lots of batter or thinly cut onion rings, serve your meal up with these American classics. These yummy snacks taste great with sweet chilli sauce, ketchup or even on their own. 


8. Cherry cola float

This upgraded retro classic makes an irresistible treat on a hot summer day. 

Feeling inspired to make your own American feast? Make sure you stock up on all your ingredients and our readymade American food range at Asda or pop into your local store