Hot dogs

Best American dishes to celebrate Independence Day

Why not spend 4th July eating burgers, ribs and pancakes

Best American dishes to celebrate Independence Day

From maple-syrup drenched pancakes to sticky chicken wings and crispy fries – when it comes to fast food, those Americans are nailing it.

With today – 4 July – marking Independence Day, what better excuse is there to indulge in some of our all-time favourite classic dishes?

To help you celebrate in style, we've rounded up a variety of mouthwatering dishes from our friends in the US of A.



In America, the hot dog reigns supreme. This Chicago-style dog is topped with mustard and a colourful diced veg quick pickle - the perfect crowd-pleasing finger food to serve up on Independence day.



dr pepper marinated ribs  

From burgers and fries to chicken wings and pulled pork, smokehouse-style grub is probably as popular over here as it is in the States. Sweet, sticky, and delightfully messy, our Dr Pepper-marinated ribs will be the talk of your next barbecue or party. 



Fluffy pancakes, topped with syrup and bacon, are a popular breakfast dish in the States. The sweetest and fluffiest way to start your day, it's no surprise that us Brits can't get enough of them. The crispier the bacon the better!



summer berry cheesecake 

This summer berry cheesecake is such a delicious and easy dessert – create a treat New York style! Top with even more fresh berries for a dinner table showstopper!



classic pumpkin pie 

America's favourite classic dessert, a sweet, lightly spiced pie that's perfect for a summer or winter feast. Celebrate in style with this classic pumpkin pie! 



waffle stack with maple berry compote 

Wake up to sweet sunshine berries and cook up this waffle combo, the flavours are hard to beat! You can, of course, switch up your toppings and have a play with sweet alternatives.




shoestring fries with turmeric mayo

No American feast is complete without a big pile of hot, crispy fries! After draining on kitchen paper, season generously and tuck in immediately.

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cola hot wings

Worth the messy fingers, these sweet and sticky chicken wings are spot-on when served alongside a crunchy 'slaw. Add the Hang Fire girls' cola BBQ sauce to the equation and guests won't be able to resist!

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American burger

If there's one way to celebrate Independence Day, it's with a burger. This American classic is simple unrivalled when done well - and our take on the humble American burger is kept simple with one seriously juicy patty, some salad leaves and a big slice of tomato - perfection!

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Cherry cola float

This upgraded take on the retro classic makes an irresistible treat on a hot summer day. 

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Feeling inspired to make your own American feast? Make sure you stock up on all your ingredients online, or pop into your local store