Dory the fish in the sea from finding dory

It’s time to get swimming with the new Finding Dory trailer

Dory, Nemo, Crush and Squirt are back in action!

It’s time to get swimming with the new Finding Dory trailer

Disney fans are being treated this month: not only did the new Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer land last week, giving us our first glimpse of live action Belle, but we now have not one, not two, but THREE brand new clips for Finding Dory, Disney Pixar’s latest film due to hit cinemas on the 29 July.

The follow up to the acclaimed Finding Nemo (2003), Finding Dory sees all our favourite fish back in the ocean for another epic adventure, as Dory goes on a life-changing quest to find her parents. Up until recently, we didn't really know what to expect from the new film, only that Dory somehow gets lost while sleep-swimming, and Nemo and his Dad Marlin, set off to find her. Turns out, this is just a small part of the bigger (fish)tale. Airing on the US show Ellen, the new trailer gives us a much bigger glimpse into Dory's world, answering a lot of our questions about what we can expect from the soon to be released children's classic.

Disney Pixar also released two new exclusive clips form the upcoming film, one featuring a set of very familiar faces...

...While the other introduces us to a brand new sea creature...

So, what exactly did we learn from these new clips?

1. Dory misplaced her parents at a young age

Contrary to what we’ve been lead to believe, Dory was actually separated from her parents at a very young age, mainly because of her short-term memory. In fact, she actually spent a lot of her childhood trying to find them. Poor Dory!

2. Humans are involved

Aren't they always? In the first trailer we saw Dory being separated from Nemo and Marlin after an episode of sleep-swimming. However, the new trailer suggests that they find Dory just in the nick of time. That is, in the nick of time to see her being scooped up by humans!

3. There's an aquarium

Although Dory is first taken to a fish hospital, it becomes apparent in both the trailer and the clip with Hank that she eventually winds up in an aquarium! The good news is that this opens us up to a whole host of different fish – from hammerhead sharks to octopus and whales!

4. The gang cross the seas yet again

Never fear – it looks like Nemo, Dory and Marlin eventually reunite, going on an epic journey across the sea with the help of their old friends Crush and Squirt and an army of tiny turtles!

5. It’s going to be sad…

While we’re not sure if Dory does find her family or not, the trailer shows us that Nemo and Marlin might have to say goodbye to Dory forever in order for her to find her home. Pass the tissues, please!

Finding Dory will be released in the UK on 29 July 2016 and you can check out the great range of Disney products available from Asda, including DVDs and a great range of Finding Nemo clothing. In the meantime – just keep swimming!