This Florist Adds Beautiful Flower Crowns and Beards To Statues

Famous monuments are getting a fabulous makeover

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This Florist Adds Beautiful Flower Crowns and Beards To Statues

Brussels is known for its chocolate, comics and beer but apart from the famous Manneken Pis peeing statue, most of its public art goes unnoticed. Until now, that is!

For the past year, florist Geoffroy Mottart has been sprucing up statues around the Belgian capital with beautiful floral wigs and decorative beards to help draw attention to them.

"I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention," Geoffroy says on his website. "By putting a floral note in places or on objects, the spectators pay attention to my work [and] rediscover what surrounds it."


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Geoffroy believes that these forgotten statues are testimonies of the past, saying: "I believe they are worth seeing, they are part of our cultural heritage!"


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Breathing new life into these cold monuments, Geoffrey has named his urban intervention project 'Fleurissements,' which simply means 'flowers' in English. These fresh flower installations only last a day or two, but luckily there is plenty evidence of Geoffrey's beautiful work on Instagram.

Sometimes the statues get flowing manes, like these incredible leaves and purple flowers found on the statue of The Goddess of Bocq in front of the Commune de Saint-Gilles in Brussels. 

Other times, the statues get beards or even a moustache! 


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What a wonderful way to highlight some of the city's forgotten public art. We might just have to book a train over to see it for ourselves!