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The New Queen Bey? Watch Michelle Obama Rock Out To Beyoncé In This Week’s Carpool Karaoke

"I should have given you some more facts and figures, but the singing got in our way."

The New Queen Bey? Watch Michelle Obama Rock Out To Beyoncé In This Week’s Carpool Karaoke

Get set for the best edition of James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke yet!

There's nothing better than watching celebs' barriers come down as they rock out to their favourite tunes from the comfort of the passenger seat in James Corden's The Late Late Show segment ‘Carpool Karaoke’. Except for maybe when the celeb in question is uber stylish, super cool, First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama!

In the latest edition of Corden's popular sketch show, we see the man himself approaching the White House for a tour. However, all does not go to plan, and after he's suspiciously pulled over, it isn't long before he figures out that a very special host is coming along for the ride. Sidling into the passenger seat, Michelle Obama takes him on a tour of the residency's grounds, talking everything from rose gardens to cheese toasties, whilst joining in a major sing-a-thon to Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé and Missy Elliot! Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, Missy herself even makes an appearance.

Prepare your eyes and ears, because this is one epic video:

As you can see, the outing wasn’t just a treat for us. Revealing that she has only travelled in the front seat of a car TWICE in the last seven and a half years (since her husband was elected), Michelle was extremely excited to get her groove on, revealing her excellent taste in music (Queen Bey anyone?) and her closet love of Stevie Wonder.

“We just dropped the mic, we were making honey in the beehive, we were making honey to put in our lemonade.” You go, FLOTUS!

Of course, just when you think it couldn't get any better than Michelle Obama doing the moves to Single Ladies, it does, as rapper Missy Elliott magically appears in the backseat to serenade us with her hit ‘This Is For My Girls’ from Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn initiative, a not for profit organisation that fights to give women full access to education around the world. 

"It means encouraging your daughters, not just your sons, to study math and science and sign up for the football team…and if there isn’t a team for girls, maybe it means asking why not. That’s how you all will begin to break down those old stereotypes and biases –- that’s how you’ll change the way that women and girls are seen. And that’s the kind of work that we need to be doing around the world –- the work of changing culture. The work of changing expectations and standards that we have for women and girls.That’s how we’ll begin to help those 62 million girls who aren’t in school." —First Lady @MichelleObama speaking to girls and young women in Spain. Find out how you can take action in your community at 62milliongirls.com. #LetGirlsLearn

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Talented and caring? We couldn’t love the First Lady more if we tried. That is, before the trio broke out into a rendition of Missy Elliott's most famous tune, Get Ur Freak On.

Even the US Secret Service tweeted their appreciation of the performance! We told you it doesn’t get much better than this.

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