Girl kissing puppy

Puppuccinos and an art gallery dedicated to dogs in this week’s Pet Corner

Prepare for next-level cuteness

Puppuccinos and an art gallery dedicated to dogs in this week’s Pet Corner

An art gallery designed especially for dogs? A rescued deer who now thinks she’s a pet pooch? The loveable canines enjoying frothy Puppuccinos while they wait to be adopted? Yep, we’ve got it all.

Contemporary Art For Canines

They say art is for everyone, and now that’s truer than ever thanks to a new interactive exhibition in London, designed especially for pet pooches.

Created by British experimental artist Dominic Wilcox, the exhibition includes screen installations that simulate frisbee throwing, a 10-foot ‘dinner bowl’ filled with more 1,000 balls and paintings using colours that only dogs can see!


Geoff Grewcock, the owner of a wildlife sanctuary in Nuneaton, estimates that Bramble the deer was just two weeks old when he was brought to his home, after being found unconscious in a field by passersby. After nursing him back to health, Geoff tried to release Bramble back into a deer park - only to learn that he’d likely wind up getting shot during a deer cull.

Since he couldn’t bear that happening to the little stag, Geoff brought Bramble back to his sanctuary, and has allowed him to roam free around his home and grounds ever since. Now 10 years old - and more than a tad cheeky! - Bramble behaves much like a pet pooch. He’ll raid the kitchen cupboards and the fridge too, meet visitors at the gate, and even tries to sneak a nap in Geoff’s bed!

Puppuccinos for everyone!

What’s cuter than adorable rescue pups? Said pups lapping up a frothy Starbucks, we’d say! At a shelter in Washington, one volunteer had the ingenious idea of setting up excursions for the pooches waiting to be adopted, so that they could get a change of scenery.

One thing led to another, and now weekly trips to grab a Starbucks Puppuccino (a small cup of whipped cream) are a regular occurrence. The local Starbucks also share Dog of The Week posters too, to help find the pooches a new home.






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