Watch the touching moment this teacher stuns his new bride with a special song

His adorable pupils were there to lend a helping hand!

Watch the touching moment this teacher stuns his new bride with a special song

Tissues at the ready - this sweet wedding video will bring on the tears! When Primary School teacher Lee McDowall wanted to do something special for his new wife Katy on their special day, he decided to surprise her with a heartwarming wedding song he’d written especially for her. He didn’t do it all on his own though. In fact, he enlisted the help of his pupils from his school in Ayr, Scotland. 

Before stunning his bride and all their wedding guests, Lee spoke about his long-term partner and how he is ‘punching above his weight’ with his new wife. He then continues to explain that he wants to give her the first present today as Katy McDowall, which is ‘a wee song.’

‘I can’t sing, but I work with a lot of little people who can sing,’ Lee explains, before a group of his pupils are revealed in the back of the room. Then as Lee plays the guitar, his students perform the sweet song with hilarious lyrics like, ‘We're so sorry to have crashed your wedding day, If we sing our teacher will give us an A.’ It’s clear from the video that the students are having just as much fun as the couple! Watch the amazing wedding song below and see for yourself. 

There were more than a few teary eyes in the house after the adorable performance - and quite a few laughs! 

Other funny lyrics included the sweet, ‘We get worried when you leave Mr McDowall on his own, He forgets his lunch, he wears silly clothes and becomes a big moan. When you're happy it makes him happy it makes us happy it's good, But when you're not happy then we're not happy 'cause he's in a grumpy mood.’ How can you not smile at that? No, don’t mind us - we’ve just got something in our eye… 

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