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This mum documents her daughters growing up in the most adorable way

Apparently the idea started when they accidentally wore matching tops.

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This mum documents her daughters growing up in the most adorable way

When blogger and mother of two, Dominique, posted a picture on Instagram after she unintentionally dressed in a top matching her two daughters, it started a beautiful series of weekly photos of the girls growing up.

When she posted the first matching photo on her Instagram account, with the hashtag #allthatisthree, she told the Huffington Post that it went “crazy” and received more than 16,000 likes.


In our house, we wear stripes and top knots. #allthatisthree

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Dominique, who is a capsule wardrobe coach and blogger behind All That Is She, said she enjoys taking time out to snap the adorable pictures with her children Amelia, 10, and Penny, three.

Dominique told BoredPanda the #allthatisthree photos came about by chance.

“One morning, I’d unintentionally dressed myself and Penny in matching striped tops, then Amelia emerged from her bedroom wearing one too,” she said.

“We’d laughed about it and when I was struggling for an image idea later that day, we thought we’d share our joke with everyone else.”

“For me, it’s become a hashtag that I can look back on and smile, as I see the girls grow, week by week,” she told The Huffington Post UK.

“The difference in the two of them now compared to the very first ever post is remarkable - in just six months they’ve both grown so much.”

Dominique told The Huffington Post that she thinks the popularity of these photographs is down to them showing the close-knit relationships between a mother and her daughters.

She also wrote on her Instagram "What I love about the #allthatisthree photos - aside from the fact that I get to document the girls and how they change each week - is that it captures the relationship between a mother and daughter, and two sisters. Anything I wear, or any hairstyle I do, Amelia wants to do the same. This flows down to Penny too; anything Amelia says, wears, does, Penny is quick to follow. We all imitate each other."

“The photos always relate to what we’ve done that week, and the Instagram world just seems to love a family all dressed in the same clothes,” she added.

“Penny’s cheeky face and ‘I’ll do what I want’ attitude really seems to capture people’s attention too.”


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The mum continued: “Both Penny and Amelia enjoy being part of the photos and love to see the end result. Penny calls them our ‘funny photos’.

“I know this won’t always be the case and when the time comes that either of them stops enjoying it, then I’ll stop. Hopefully, I’ve got a few more months, maybe even years, of them to look forward to, though.”

Just look how adorable they are!


Temptation got the better of Penny �� #allthatisthree

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Hands up if your Mam has the annoying habit of taking #allthatisthree photos every week ����

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