Is this how you’d secretly like to celebrate the New Year? Go for it!

Skip the party - here are five ideas and tips on alternative ways to welcome in 2020

Is this how you’d secretly like to celebrate the New Year? Go for it!

There's something so exciting about saying goodbye to the old year and seeing in the new one, but it's hard not to feel the pressure to have the greatest night ever. Because let's face it - the harder you try to have an epic evening then the more likely you are to be disappointed. Not to mention the fact that it's so stressful trying to co-ordinate with so many different people, find the perfect outfit and not pay a small fortune for food and drink.

Set up a movie night on your wall at home!

So why not do things differently this year?

Consider this round-up of alternative New Year's Eve ideas your permission to do exactly whatever you want this year - no matter how low-key, relaxed or unusual.

A Nighttime picnic

Just because you want to skip the crowds doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fireworks! For the easiest and cosiest New Year's ever, pack a blanket, a bottle of fizz and some readymade canapés and walk to your favourite spot in the park or the country for a romantic meal al fresco. Bring a torch or a lantern and watch the fireworks as you ring in the New Year.

A themed movie night

Feel like curling up on the sofa in your PJs and enjoying some sweet treats (hey, the diet starts tomorrow...)? Go for it! Set up a movie night on your wall at home with a ‘Double Bill’ movie theme, print out tickets to give to family and friends, make some popcorn or an ice cream sundae bar and enjoy. Bliss! 

Game night

Have some fun with loved ones by hosting a games night! Kids especially will love getting in on the action, and you can choose a variety of games from classic board games to party games like charades that will have everyone in stitches. A perfectly acceptable way to enjoy the company of family and friends, while getting to bed at a reasonable hour!

Give back to the community

Start the new year as you mean to go on - with your best foot forward. There are plenty of opportunities to do your bit for others, whether it's helping out at the local soup kitchen or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Potluck dinner

Forget trying to host the perfect dinner party, complete with elegant canapées and time-consuming desserts. Keep things simple (and tasty) by asking guests to each bring over their favourite dishes instead. Who cares if it doesn't all go together, it's guaranteed to be delicious and totally fuss-free! Get inspired with these easy recipes

Don't forget to stock up on nibbles and drinks - head online and in store