Animal besties and holiday cheer in this week’s Pet Corner

May your days be hairy and bright...

Animal besties and holiday cheer in this week’s Pet Corner

Something about the holiday season just seems to bring out the best in people and as it turns out, in animals too! 

In this week's Pet Corner, we take a look at some of the cutest four-legged friends on the internet. Specifically, two adorable kittens who are totally in love plus an ecstatic Shiba Inu who gets to see her favourite toy in real life. 

So if you're looking for something that will make you crack a smile then keep reading. These stories of animal friendship and holiday cheer will fill your heart with joy. 

Two kittens who just can't get enough of each other

The only thing that's sweeter than a cute kitty cat? TWO adorable felines! 

Meet Louie and Luna, two six month old kittens who were adopted by owner James and his girlfriend, Lauren, when they were just 10 weeks old.

Happily enjoying life in Florida, the two kitties are pretty much in love and luckily for us, James often manages to capture their fondness for one another on camera.

Here they are snuggling together:

And here they are kissing underneath the mistletoe:

Isn't that adorable? No wonder the sweet snap has been shared over 50,000 times! 

A  loveable pup gets to meet her favourite toy

Everyone knows that pictures with Santa can be hilarious - especially when there are some adorable kids involved. But a recent photo with the big man that's gone viral has an unusual twist - there's a dog in it!

Last Christmas, 1-year-old puppy Kya received a Father Christmas toy from her humans and it quickly became her favourite plaything. In fact, Kya loved it so much that her family had to get her a second Santa after the first one became worn out!

This year, when siblings John, Angelina and Christina discovered that their local shopping centre was offering the chance for pets to sit on Santa's lap and get their photo taken, they knew that they had to bring their adorable Shiba Inu.

As you can see from Kya's huge grin, she was SUPER excited to meet her favourite toy in person. Merry Christmas, Kya!

Isn't that heartwarming? Find more animal news and funny photos in our Pet Corner series. And don't forget to treat your furry friend this festive season and beyond with Asda's great selection of pet supplies.