Cat and dog snuggling

Adorable furry friends in this week’s pet corner

Weird and wonderful animal stories you have to see

Adorable furry friends in this week’s pet corner

The only thing cuter than an adorable pet is more adorable pets! In this week's pet corner, we start off with a strange but sweet family of animals that will melt your heart. There's something about animal friendships – even the most unlikely ones – that melt our hearts. And these furry friends are extra special since they've all been rescued from different times and places, yet still manage to get along wonderfully. We also have the hilarious puppy makeover photos you have to see. These images were taken pre and post grooming and the dogs are almost unrecognisable after they've left the salon! It's hard to believe that these pups could be any cuter, but after a few hours at the beauty salon they are just so sweet – although we're not sure they agree! Discover these stories of animal friendships, makeovers and more below...

A full house

You’ve heard that cats and dogs can’t be friends, but what about cats, dogs and ducklings? Turns out that for one family, it’s the perfect combination! Meet Roxy, Edith, Mia, Rose, Jake, Gertrude and Donald – a family of seven that are almost too sweet for words. 

These lovable pets were adopted by the Boggs family in Missouri, USA, who have been rescuing animals for ten years. Their current family of seven includes two pit bulls, a pair of terriers, one cat, and a duckling duo. These adorable pals love hanging out and going on adventures together, whether it’s hiking, camping, or just relaxing in the pool.


Gettin this weekend started early ��������

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You can see these seven inseparable pals on their official Instagram account @88kncorbett. What a sweet family!


We want to give a special thanks for all the love we received regarding our new member of the pack, baby B! Our hearts are filled with so much love and we are so very grateful for all of your support! It was such a joy to read each and every one of your comments! ❤️ we are so excited to embark on this new journey! **for all of you that made ignorant comments about Jake and Rose being pitbulls and unfit or unsafe for a baby, shame shame shame on you. I don't understand your thought process and I feel as if you are living under a rock. They will be the best brother and sister for a child and this child is going to be so very blessed to have this pack for a family. I will not accept comments like these and you will be marked as spam/abusive content! It hurts my heart too much to read such ignorance especially in such a happy time for my family! ✌��️

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Doggy makeovers

You know how sometimes a trip to the hairdressers can totally transform your look? Well, it turns out that applies to dogs too! One LA-based photographer decided to shoot dogs before and after grooming, in a new photo series titled HAIRY. The results are hilarious and so adorable. 

To really highlight the difference pre and post grooming, the dogs were pampered in a Japanese style, which is completely different to the typical standard cuts and rules for grooming that most of us are used to. Instead, the focus of this grooming technique is to make the dogs look ultra adorable. Which they’ve clearly succeeded in doing!

Each puppy haircut can take hours to achieve, as most of the styling is completed by hand scissoring the hair. So cute! See more sweet snaps on photographer Grace Chon's Instagram page.

Fearless Felines

Whoever said that cats are afraid of water clearly hasn't seen Didga and Boomer riding the waves down under. These Australian kitties were taught how to surf AND skateboard by their California-born dog trainer Robert Dollwet and are quickly becoming an internet sensation. Tabby cat Didga was adopted from an animal shelter, but now has an extended internet family of 49 million people who view his videos. Watch the incredible cats having fun on land and water below. 

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