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This Week’s Must-See Animal News From Around The World

Duck besties, a confused sloth and the perks of working at the vets

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This Week’s Must-See Animal News From Around The World

Why did the sloth try to cross the road?

We've rediscovered our love for sloths after this adorable little guy got a bit confused on a highway in Ecuador. Whether he got to the middle of the highway and couldn't face the other half, or mistook this post for a tree, we'll never know. But we were very pleased to see that the story had a happy ending after a cop saved him and documented it all on Facebook.

Man's new best friend

Beaker the duck is our new favourite pet. Bee, as he's known to the Young family, has been with his owners since he was a ducking and has become son Tyler's companion and protector, never leaving the little boy's side. They play together, eat together and Bee even supervises bath time and runs (waddles?) to Tyler's aid the minute he hears crying – the pair are inseparable! Tyler's first word was even 'duck'. Check out these cute pictures of Bee and Tyler having the time of their lives at home:

And finally... 3 reasons we want to become vets

1. Kittens in pockets

2. Regular hugs

3. Adorable tiny animals

Do our pets really love us? We think these pictures say yes! Find out more in the new issue of Asda Good Living - out now!

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