Get ready for #TongueOut Tuesday and more in this week’s Pet Corner

You won't BEAR-lieve what these animals got up to!

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Get ready for #TongueOut Tuesday and more in this week’s Pet Corner

In this week's Pet Corner, we've scoured the Internet to find the world's funniest pets. And not only did we find social media savvy dogs and a bear who likes nothing more than chilling in a swimming pool on a hot day, perhaps best of all is the discovery of wine for your cat! So you can finally enjoy a glass of pinot on the sofa with your feline friend...

Licking good

Ever heard of #TongueOutTuesday? No? Well you're in for a treat. It’s the latest in a line of great social media trends geared towards man’s best friend. And it’s about time too with all those grumpy cats filling up our feeds.

Owners post pictures of their furry sidekicks caught with their tongues out in this new trend – which you can join in too. Kicking off last Tuesday, the trend celebrated all kinds of pooches, including dogs out and about around the country…

And sleepy pups…

To dogs who love ice cream (yum)

The best thing is, now you know, your very own dog can be the star of the next #TongueOutTuesday. Because who doesn’t want their newsfeed filled to the brim with adorable dogs?

A BEARy good time

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…  Or maybe not, as the bears seem to be relocating – to swimming pools!

During the humid summer months, don't you sometimes wish you could dive headfirst into a cool body of water? Well, it turns out bears can be awfully fond of dipping their toes in too.

When visiting her parent's home in Bradbury, California, Shannon Lievense looked out into the garden and noticed a bear perusing the daisies. Much to her surprise, the uninvited guest proceeded to jump straight into her parent’s pool – splashing about for a whole 20 minutes. As Shannon told ABC7 news, "All of a sudden, the bear came from around the corner and ran in and jumped into the pool. And then he continued to play around for about 20 minutes. We watched him play with the rafts and my baby's pool toys." 


Saturday nights in front of the TV with a glass of wine in hand need never be lonely again. Thanks to American company Apollo Peak, your cat can now enjoy a glass of ‘Pinot Meow’ while you enjoy a pinot noir.

Although you can’t get it in the UK yet, the newly launched drink is designed to look exactly like wine, even coming in little wine bottles so you can make the experience as authentic as you can.

As Apollo Peak say on their website: "Why Drink Alone?! We have laboured intensively to develop a non-alcoholic, catnip-based wine just for your furry feline friends…it’s a satisfying blend for cats of all ages."

Of course, while it may look like wine, it isn't alcoholic. Rather more like a form of tea than wine, the liquid is actually a combination of your cat's favourite vice – catnip – with water and beetroot juice to give it the wine-like appearance. Yum…

Just imagine what a night in with your cat may look like in future…


Who doesn't love a little wine in the afternoon. #pinotmeow #catwine #cocoandsaz @apollopeak

A photo posted by Coco & Saz Cats (@coco_sazerac) on

After all, who would begrudge their feline friend a tipple after a long hard day of cat napping?

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