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Fall in love with this week’s most important animal news

Stop what you're doing right now and read this very important news bulletin

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Fall in love with this week’s most important animal news

If you didn't have your fill of romance this Valentine's Day, these cute animals in love will give you an extra hit of remind you that grand expressions aren't just for humans. From pugs to otters, these adorable and loveable beasts are here to show us how it's done. Get ready to fall in love with these cute animal stories from around the world...

All you need is Pug

Jonathan Graziano, a writer from New York, went on the romantic Valentine's date of his dreams – with his pug. The 25 year old didn't have a date for the big day, but decided that shouldn't stop him and celebrated with Noodle instead. The seven-year-old pug and Jonathan spent the day recreating romantic movie scenes in the idyllic setting of Central Park. The loved up duo were captured by photographer Brittany Worgan. You can follow Noodles cute adventures on his instagram account. #lifegoals

Can it be zoo love?

No-one is more loved up than the animals at Houston Zoo. The keepers left us with serious relationship envy when they released these photos of animals in love. From elephants to sea lions and meerkats to turtles, you haven't seen love until you've looked at these photos. We know where we'll be headed next Valentine's Day!

Otterly cute



You’re meerly amazing



Seal it with a kiss



Turtle-y awesome



Wrapped around my little finger



An elephant never forgets his first love



Hog me tightly



Hug me tender

Dogs often know us better than we know ourselves: from being man's best friend to their natural expertise in showing real affection, it’s no surprise that they are the perfect teachers for all the important things in life. Like hugging. In this brilliant how-to video, filmed by Emily Larlham of Dogmantics dog training, three cute dogs completely nail five different types of hugs, so you can brush up on your technique. Check out the full video below – from the 'sly hug' and 'drag in' to the 'criss cross' and 'bear hug', you'll heart will be warmed and your mood lifted in no time.

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