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Furry News with this week’s Pet Corner

From an otter that loves lettuce, to two surprise kittens and an alpaca stuck in a hole.

Furry News with this week’s Pet Corner

What do an otter, two kittens and an alpaca have in common? This week's pet corner, that's what! Guaranteed to brighten up your day, we've scoured the Internet for the very best animals in the news this week. Enjoy!

Stuck in a rut

Animals can find lots of ways to get into trouble – whether they mean to or not! Last week on a small farm in Menomonie, Wisconsin, a one week old baby alpaca took a tumble... down a rather large badger hole!

The baby, who had separated from his pack, was thought to have been missing for a whopping 24 hours before he was finally found on Govin’s farm, nonchalantly peeking out of a hole. The baby had struggled to escape his temporary confinement... his little legs were just too short to help him get out! That's when farmer John came to the rescue. With a few digs of the shovel (while fending off a very nosy mummy alpaca) John got the little one free in minutes, returning him to his family safe and sound. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

Snack time

Have you ever seen an otter eating a salad? Well, today’s your lucky day.

While we might turn our noses up at a plate full of lettuce, the same doesn't seem to go for this little otter! He really couldn't look happier, snacking away loudly on his lunch.

Now how do we get this excited about our salads?



A video posted by ayako���� (@poncayan) on



A video posted by ayako���� (@poncayan) on

The purrrrr-fect surprise

There's nothing worse than a pet passing away: they're part of the family and it can be hard to get over such a loss. That's why when a group of students from Joshua High School in Texas found out that their teacher's beloved cat of 16 years had passed away, they decided to bring a smile to her face with not one but two soft and cuddly new arrivals.

As one of the students, Rachel Hanhart, told BuzzFeed News they first considered buying her flowers and cake – but then had a much better idea. As Mrs. Andrews was planning to go to the shelter that weekend to pick up two new cats anyway, the students banded all their cash together and started looking for local kitties in dire need of a new home.

Luckily they found two and surprised Mrs Andrews with her new pets in class the next day. Naturally Mrs. Andrews was over the moon and their kind gesture. As Hanhart told Buzzfeed: “She still cries every time that we watch the video again.”

You can check out her reaction below:

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