chocolate hen bursting out of white paper

Breaking News: Spotted at Asda… A Giant Chocolate Hen!

What does it want? Why is it here? We’ve got the ‘coop

Breaking News: Spotted at Asda… A Giant Chocolate Hen!

Something strange has been happening across the UK this week. The pitter-patter of humongous feet, the appearance of giant chocolate eggs on farms and the strange, surprised stares of farm animals around the country all added up to one thing: a huge bird-like creature is roaming the lands. 

The country has, naturally, gone into panic. Was this a friendly bird? What did it want? And why now? But fear not, concerned citizens – the big bird has finally been located on the roof of the Asda store in Hayes, England. And it turns out it is in fact a GIANT CHOCOLATE HEN.

Celebrity bird experts have already been drawn to the scene to check out this intriguingly delicious phenomenon:



Will it continue to lay eggs? Is it working for the Easter Bunny? Only time will tell.

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*Disclaimer: All of the views, news and characters in these articles are entirely made up. Except the gigantic chocolate egg. That’s real.